Entice Readers with Your Book Cover Infographics

Utilizing a book cover infographic is an effective way to not only pique your potential readers’ curiosity, but also to entice them enough to draw them to your website and blog.

When thoughtfully designed, a book cover infographic can help show your readers at a glance what your book is about, why it’s different from other books in your genre, and how they’ll benefit from investing their time into reading it.

Moreover, book cover infographics provide context that helps to make the book feel more alive and real in the minds of potential readers.

By strategically placing your book cover infographics on your book pages, you can create powerful visuals that encourage readers to take action AND click through to check out your book or blog post. If you want to attract potential book readers online in an impactful way, consider creating book cover infographics that’re savvy, attractive, and compelling!

Continue reading to learn why should add book cover infographics to your online content, the benefits you just might get if you do use them, and tips to repurposing your infographic into the content you’ll need.

Why Add Book Cover Infographics

Book cover infographics offer an effective way to impart vital information about your book in both a visually pleasing and concise way. By using graphic elements, book cover infographics can communicate the book’s title, author, genre and other pertinent details quickly and easily – all within one eye-catching, shareable format.

They can be used to promote your book online or in print, helping you maximize its reach while easily connecting with potential readers.

As a result, book cover infographics should be a key component of your content marketing library – they are the perfect tool for effectively showcasing the features of the book and driving more interest from book readers around the world.

Benefits of Including your Book Cover Infographics

Book cover infographics are an effective way to improve your content marketing library and engage with customers. Not only do book cover infographics have a high-quality aesthetic, but they are also great for grabbing the attention of customers through their visual appeal. They can be used to quickly and easily showcase top selling books, next book releases, book reviews, book summaries or book quotes in an attractive way.

Additionally, book cover infographics save time as they are quick to create and are easy to edit when necessary. With book cover infographics, you can create a captivating content marketing library that people will find interesting.

What to Include on Your Book Cover Infographics

While each book cover infographic has a specific purpose, the one thing that’s included on every one is your book cover! Each book cover infographic is designed to show off your book covers while including story elements and book details. Here’s what you could include:

  • Your book cover – a high definition graphic of your book cover
  • Book name/title
  • Book details
  • Story elements
  • Your website, email, social media handles

There’ll be more infographics that require a bit more info, just keep watching for new ones!

Use a DFY Content Template

This Canva content template is easy to access and simple to edit. Included in each infographic bundle are done-for-you templates for a 3-book series to a 10-book series! All you’ll need to do is add in your content and edit to your branding and style!

Repurpose Your Book Cover Infographics

Did you know you can repurpose your book cover infographic into a wide range of content marketing assets? An infographic isn’t just a book cover – it can do so much more for your author business.

Infographics are powerful visual tools, perfect for conveying complex info quickly and memorably. When you repurpose your infographic into other forms of content, such as a website extra, blog posts, whitepapers and webinars, it unlocks even greater potential to draw in new readers and generate awareness about your book.

Plus, doing so gives you the opportunity to explore different messaging options. Reimagining book cover infographics in various ways will boost engagement across multiple platforms while saving valuable time and money at the same time.

Use it as a Website Extra

If you’re an author looking to promote your book, boosts its visibility, and reach out to potential readers, then you should consider incorporating book cover infographics onto your website.

These infographics are primarily graphical representations of your book’s cover that include page snippets, book summaries, simple descriptions, book reviews, classic quotes from the book, story elements, book details – all presented in an engaging and visually appealing way.

Book cover infographics provide a great way for you to show off the compelling content from within your book on any page or blog post of your website.

Use it in a Blog Post

Book cover infographics are an effective way to market and promote your book on your author website. An infographic allows your readers to easily identify book details in a visually appealing format, including book title, book cover, and main characters.

It’s also a great opportunity for readers to learn more about your book in a way that mirrors the designs of your actual book.

By featuring book cover infographics in your blog posts on your site, you’ll be able to effectively promote your book and capture your readers’ attention.

Plus, it’s an easy, creative way to give potential readers more info they’d need before they decide whether or not they want to purchase your book!

Use it as a Content Opt-in

An incredibly effective way to boost engagement is to use a book cover infographic as a freebie offered on your website. With a book cover infographic, you can easily grab the attention of interested readers and quickly provide them with useful information that’ll make them eager to learn more.

Not only does this give readers a great first impression, it also encourages them to take desired action such as subscribing to your email list when promised further content in exchange for your valuable book cover infographic.

By utilizing this type of infographic, you’ll be able to create an inviting atmosphere that entices readers to consume your content and stay informed what you’re offering.

Use it in a Social Media Post

If you’re looking for an eye-catching and informative way to promote your book on social media, look no further than a book cover infographic.

Designed to capture the attention of potential readers, book cover infographics can be used as a one-stop shop in terms of marketing. Not only will they showcase the book’s title, author name, and cover art, but they can also include information such as key themes, release date, a book excerpt or blurb, and any awards or reviews that it has received.

When accompanied by an engaging caption and relevant hashtags, book cover infographics can be an excellent asset for marketing campaigns.

Make it an Email

An excellent way to add life and dynamism to your email newsletter is by utilizing book cover infographics.

Infographics enable readers to take in valuable information quickly, by combining images and data into concise visual elements that are easy to comprehend and share. Providing book cover infographics in an email newsletter is a great way to showcase new book titles, as it both increases reader engagement and promotes the book itself.

Make sure you keep the book cover size appropriate for display on mobile devices, so as not to be intrusive or cause slow loading times for users. Doing this will enhance the user experience of your email newsletter and help capture readers’ attention.

In conclusion, book cover infographics are a good way to grab attention for your digital content library, especially in today’s fast-paced, image-oriented world. Not only can they help readers find your content faster and easier than ever before, but they can also add an element of fun and intrigue when it comes to encouraging sharing.

By utilizing DFY templates, you can quickly create stunning visuals to get your content seen and spread throughout the online sphere. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you’ll be able to make up-to-date, creative material that’s sure to capture more attention than any traditional text post ever would.

So what are you waiting for?

Start building beautiful images for your blog posts, eBooks and whitepapers right now…and be sure to include those eye-catching book cover infographics!

Create Your Own Book Cover Infographics

Entice your readers with a visually appealing infographic. Each book cover infographic is a little different in format but offers your readers a fun graphic to enjoy and share! Click on each graphic to see what’s included in each bundle!