Do you want to write a Romance Book?

Your romance novel starts by using the RIGHT romance writing prompts.

Your best-selling romance book starts by creating engaging, thought-provoking and unique story elements.

The Romance Story Bible

In the One Story Bible, you’ll find writing prompts, tips and ideas to help you create the story elements needed to write your romance story.

The Romance Book Series Bible

In the Book Series Bible, you’ll find writing prompts, templates, ideas and plans to help you craft your romance book series.

There’s so much MORE TO KNOW when starting to write your romance story:

There’re many things that you’ll need to KNOW as you write your book. There’re countless things you’ll have to DO as you write your book.

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The Romance Story Ideas Bible is the perfect place to keep track of all your random story ideas that you’d love to write.

Who is Shental?

She’s a voracious romance reader turned virtual assistant and book coach to the best type of author, romance authors. She’ll help you help yourself by giving you support and encouragement as you create and plan out the details of your romance story and use those details to create the content for your website.

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