How to write a Romance Book

…is just the beginning of Becoming the Author of your own Story!

It starts with the content you create

From your story elements to your website content…

It’s what’s inside that counts!

Inside your books!

Graphic showing the Romance Story Ideas Bible, the Romance Book Bible and the Romance Book Series Bible. Bible that help you create the elements you need for your romance story!

Your romance novel starts by creating the right book details and story elements through great research and book coaching.

Inside your Author Business!

The Website Content Bible - your website content starts with the details in your books!

Your Author Business starts by creating compelling and memorable website content.

Inside your head!

The Ultimate Author Assistant Series

You can find the motivation, desire and balance to make things happen when you’ve got qualified support.

There’s so much MORE TO KNOW to writing your book than just writing your story!

There’re things you’ll have to DO and things you’ll have to KNOW to become the best-selling authorpreneur that you dream of being!