Hey Romance Authors?!?! What do envision for your book? Do you want to have your book in every book store? Or at the top of the best-sellers list? Or do you envision you becoming a number one best-seller on Amazon?

In order to get there, there’s a lot of steps along the way. One major step is your website. Your website must reflect you and your book, which will include your book and links to sell your book. Your website will also include things about you and your writing process.

Do you know what kinds of content that can be added to your website that your readers actually will want to read? Do you know what to say to your readers that will convince them to sign up to your email list? Do you have pictures or other graphics that will be entertaining for your readers and compel them to share on social media?

Most authors have the normal back book blurb and maybe a chapter or two on their pages to entice their readers to read their books. Not bad, but some readers want more!!

I’d like to show you that you can have other types of content added to your website that will be enticing and interesting to your readers and encourage them to come back to your website site again and again. As a Romance Reader turned Virtual Assistant, specifically for Romance Authors, let me show you content that your readers will actually want to read and want to share with others.

But first, you need to think about WHAT types of content you’re going to be needing? Why?? Because the Content on your Website starts with the Details in your Books!!! The details you create when you’re creating your story can be adapted to become the content you’ll need for your website. So….

Where are you in your writing journey? Are you:

Filled with so many Romance Story Ideas that you don’t know what do to with all of them, then you’re gonna want to have the Idea Bible!

This Idea Bible is:

  • a printable workbook that you can customize to your hearts content!!
  • a place to keep track of your random thoughts, ideas and details that go through your head!
  • a place to keep track of the many romance story ideas that you WANT to write!

Or are you:

Ready to take your One Story Idea and make it into a full Romance Story, then you’ll want the Book Bible!

My Romance Book Bible

My Romance Book Bible Cover
Coming soon!!

Ready to add NEW Content Ideas to entice your readers to sign up to your website, then you’ll need the Content Bible!

My Website Content Bible

My Website Content Bible Cover
Coming Soon!

Ready to take your One Romance Story and make it into a Romance Book Series, then you’ll want the Series Bible!

My Romance Book Series Bible

My Romance Book Series Bible Cover
Coming Soon!

More Things to Know: