It's what's inside that counts!!

How’s your content doing?  The content in your book?  Or the content on your website?  Do you have the type of content that your readers are going to want to share on social media or be excited to read????

Now is the time to improve things.


Inside your story:

Your story is your baby!  But do you have all the right parts of a story that will entice readers to read and then to buy over and over again?

Take a look at this planning journal workbook that will be able to remember all the important parts of your story.

Inside your website:

Your website is an extension of your book and of you.  But do you have content on your site that is appealing and interesting to your readers?

Check out this list of content ideas that you can add to your site that will make your readers come back again and again.


"Shental Henrie is one of the most determined, hardworking and dedicated people I've ever worked with. She doesn't take anyone's struggles, lack of faith or limitations into account when she works with you. If it needs to be done, it will be. No questions, disappointments, struggles or trials will get in her way. If you need her help and your own efforts are falling short, her expertise in romance books and the authors who write them is her highest priority."
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Traci mcdonald
Romance Author
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