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Need content your readers will actually read?

You can repurpose your book details and story elements into entertaining emails, inspirational blogs, and shareable social media content.

Your readers want more!

More of you…

More of your book…

You don’t have to dive deep into personal details to share more of you and your book when you have a content marketing plan designed with your readers in mind. Okay, it’s with you in mind too!

Let me show you how you can repurpose your book and create fun and even functional content to use in your social media posts, your email newsletters and your blog articles.

Check out this infographic that can be all about your book!

You can share this in your email, or on your blog or even to your list of friends on Facebook or Instagram.

It’s what’s inside that counts!

When you’ve created your book details and story elements the right way, those elements and details can be used to create entertaining, creative and engaging content for your website and shareable on social media.

You don’t need to create it on your own! With support, encouragement, and accountability, you can Become the Author of Your Own Story!

Behind your story

Workbooks, checklists, and template ideas to help you create your story elements and book details.

On your website

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Content templates, checklists and worksheets to use in your social media, blog posts and emails to stay connected with your readers.

Inside your head

Services, support and accountability to help you stay motivated and focused.

There’s more Behind Your Book than just putting words to a page.

Do you know everything there is to know about creating, marketing and publishing a book??

No one does. Not really. But there are people that do know the steps that it’ll take to get your book out there.

That’s why you’ll find articles about the many different aspects of creating, marketing, and publishing your book. There are many tasks to complete and knowledge to gain on your journey to Becoming the Author of your Own Story!