Services offered


As a romance author there’re many different parts of your author business that you’re not going to have the time to do, especially when you need to be writing. As a Virtual Assistant, specifically for romance authors, I am uniquely qualified to find the information that you need and the help you in a way that others may not.

Here’re the list of services I offer:

RESEARCH for your Romance Story!

Researching the details and the information you need for your story is an integral part in the creation of the planning of your romance story. There is no way you’re going to get away from it. So you either do it yourself, or you can have another do it for you.

As a VA and a voracious romance reader myself, I already have an idea what you’ll be needing!!

BOOK COACHING through the Ideation of your stories!!

Everyone needs support. And when you’re creating the details of your stories, you’re no different.

Having someone to talk to and think things out loud with can help you create the details of your story. Having someone to help you stay focused and on track can mean the difference between getting your book published or having it collect dust on your shelf.

CONTENT CREATION for your website, your email campaigns, or your social media posts!

Everyone needs graphics and content on their websites and in their emails. Or fun graphics for their social media posts. You, as a romance author, are no different. As romance authors, your readers want content that’s appealing and interesting. I have some new ideas that you can add that you’ve already have created!

BUSINESS MANAGEMENT for your Author Business.

Every Authorpreneur has to set up and manage their Author Business. From email management to proofreading or editing your online copy to creating systems to help you manage tasks and run your business smoothly, we work together to make your backend efficient and organized.