As a romance author there’re many different parts of your author business that you’re not going to have the time to do, especially when you need to be writing your romance book.

As a Virtual Assistant, specifically for romance authors, I am uniquely qualified to create the content you’ll need for all of your online needs.

For each of these services, please contact me at contact(at)shentalhenrie(dot)com to see if we can work together.

CONTENT Creation

You need content.

You need content that will resonate with your readers to the point that they jump at signing up to your email list, or hang out on your website reading your blog articles.

Content that’ll help build trust and authority with readers. Content that’s just awesome!!

Let me show you how to build a content library that you can use again and again to build a robust content marketing plan. Check out how to Build Your Own Content Library to see content templates to easily and quickly create the content you’ll need for your online platform.

CONTENT Marketing Consultant

Your new content is going to need to formatted and optimized. Learn tips and tricks to do-it-yourself! Head on over to the Do-It-Yourself Content Marketing Blog (DIY-CM Blog) to find articles to help you do that.

Follow the links below to see these on your favorite social media platform.

But sometimes you won’t want to do it alone! And that’s okay.

Contact me and we can look at your author website, your content opt-ins, your blog articles, your social media posts. Contact me and we’ll do a deep dive into your personal platform and come up with a plan to update and optimize your content.

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