As a romance author there’re many different parts of your author business that you’re not going to have the time to do, especially when you need to be writing your romance book. As a Virtual Assistant, specifically for romance authors, I am uniquely qualified to find the information that you need and the help you in a way that others may not.

For each of these services, please contact me at romanceauthorva(at)gmail(dot)com to see if we can work together.

Services offered by RomanceAuthorVA

CONTENT Marketing Consultant

Need to chat about your content marketing? Follow to get tips and tricks to do-it-yourself!

Your content is a huge part of your content marketing.

Knowing the type of content to create is just as essential as knowing when to post.

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Even knowing what to post and when to post, you might need a helping hand!

Contact me and we can chat about the right steps that YOU will need to make in your content marketing!

Contact me at romanceauthorva(at)gmail(dot)com. I’d love to chat!

CONTENT Copywriter

Does your marketing get in the way of writing your book?

You have to wear so many hats, especially when you’re going it alone! You have to keep up on your blog, your email newsletter not to mention the times it takes to write your story!

If you’re determined to go it alone, you can find done-for-you content templates for your blog, your email and your social media posts. Take a look around and you’ll come across Infographics Bundles you can use in your social media. You’ll discover innovative and refreshing Content Opt-in Offers that you can give your readers. You’ll also uncover Content Marketing Templates with already done-for-you blog posts and email newsletters templates, ready for you to edit to your style and voice.


If you don’t want to write your own blog articles, email newsletters or social media posts, you can have the content created for you. Content that will catch your readers’ attention with compelling words and phrases.

Together, we can instantly generate first drafts of blog posts, social media updates, landing pages, ads, newsletters and more. We’ll write content that’ll convert your readers into avid buyers and improve your conversion rates.

Get blog posts done for you!
Get email newsletters done for you!

Looking for someone to write your content for you??

As a voracious romance reader and an experienced content copywriter, I am uniquely qualified to write for you.

Email me at romanceauthorva(at)gmail(dot)com to start the conversation!

RESEARCH for your Romance Story!

Research is an essential part of putting your story together. You can’t NOT have it!

Whether you like it or not readers will catch you on the lack of research that you do or don’t do. So you owe it to yourself and to your readers to do the necessary research into the sub-genre of your choice.

Having credible and reliable sources for your characters, your setting, and your worlds can help you to be more accurate and consistent to the time period that your story is in. Having plausible and convincing info makes creating your story elements easy, and quick.

Yes, you can do the research yourself. And yes, that would save you money.

But your time is better spent writing.

Let me help! As a voracious romance reader turned Internet Research Specialist and Virtual Assistant, I’m here to help. I already know what you’re looking for!!

You need romance? I’m your girl! As a voracious reader of romances myself, it’s always been my dream to help other people find their perfect love story.

You can rely on me for research and organization skills as well; after all the secret ingredient in any good romance book lies with its gorgeous writing style 😉

Email me to chat first, then pick the number of hours you’ll need for the size of project.

Get your story research done for you!

BOOK COACHING to help you organize and build your ideas

Everyone needs support. And when you’re creating the details of your stories, you’re no different.

Having someone to talk to and think things out loud with can help you create the details of your story. Having someone to help you stay focused and on track could mean the difference between getting your book out of your head or having it collect dust on your shelf.

Each coaching class will be done via zoom, you just need to choose if you want to be with a group or have 1:1 with me!

Choose an option below if you’re interested in 1:1 coaching! Email me to get started.

Need a hand? Contact me if you'd like to have book coaching!

CONTENT AUDIT to check to see how your site is doing!

If you’re not sure what’s wrong with your site, a professional content auditor can give you valuable insights. A great way of diagnosing problems and giving you solutions that your readers are going to love is the way to go.

We offer services tailored to romance authors. Why? As a voracious romance reader, it’s always been my dream help authors create their perfect website. You can rely on me to give you tips to engage your readers.

Do It Yourself Audit

Think you can audit your site yourself?? Here’s your chance! Here’s a pdf that gives you all the basics that you need to watch for and change or update.

Content Audit Done For You!

Need someone to tell you what’s wrong with your site and give you a detailed plan on how to engage your readers on your site?

Want your content audited for you? Contact me to chat!

Contact me to see if you’d like to move forward.