As a romance author there’re many different parts of your author business that you’re not going to have the time to do, especially when you need to be writing. As a Virtual Assistant, specifically for romance authors, I am uniquely qualified to find the information that you need and the help you in a way that others may not.

RESEARCH for your Romance Story!

Research is an essential part of putting your story together. You can’t NOT have it!

Whether you like it or not readers will catch you on the lack of research that you do or don’t do. So you owe it to yourself and to your readers to do the necessary research into the sub-genre of your choice.

Having credible and reliable sources for your characters, your setting, and your worlds can help you to be more accurate and consistent to the time period that your story is in. Having plausible and convincing info makes creating your story elements easy, and quick.

Yes, you can do the research yourself. And yes, that would save you money.

But your time is better spent writing.

Let me help! As a voracious romance reader turned Internet Research Specialist and Virtual Assistant, I’m here to help. I already know what you’re looking for!!

Research 3hrs – $75

There will be times that you’ll need only a small project done and a few hours will do it!

Don't have time to do your own research? I'm a researcher!

Research 7hrs – $175

Need a deeper, more in-depth look into your ideas and thoughts for your story?

Don't have time to do your own research? I'm a researcher!

Research 12hrs – $300

Committed to your novel? Invest in yourself to make your project happen!

Don't have time to do your own research? I'm a researcher!

For your larger projects where you’ll need more than 12 hours, please contact me and we can chat about what you need.

BOOK COACHING to help you organize and build your ideas

Everyone needs support. And when you’re creating the details of your stories, you’re no different.

Having someone to talk to and think things out loud with can help you create the details of your story. Having someone to help you stay focused and on track could mean the difference between getting your book out of your head or having it collect dust on your shelf.

Each coaching class will be done via zoom, you just need to choose if you want to be with a group or have 1:1 with me!

Group Coaching via Zoom class $25

Want to be a part of a zoom class where we help, support, and encourage each other along the way to write that book we’ve always wanted to write!

Writing practice via Zoom class $25

Need writing practice? Join me in a group coaching class via zoom, where together we hold each other accountable for learning and growing.

1:1 Coaching $50/hour

Want to privately chat about your book, your characters, and the world that you’re creating!

Private coaching starts at $50 per hour.

CONTENT AUDIT to check to see how your site is doing!

Before you can fix your website, you need to know how your site is doing. You need to know if there are broken links or metadata that isn’t properly formatted!

Do It Yourself Audit

Think you can audit your site yourself?? Here’s your chance! Here’s a pdf that gives you all the basics that you need to watch for and change or update.

Done for You Audit

Need someone to tell you how to fix up your site??