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Here at RomanceAuthorVA, I specialize in providing top-notch content templates to help authors build compelling reader magnets. My goal is to support you at every stage of your content creation journey, ensuring you can effectively master your content creation while learning to engage with your readers and grow your email list.

You’ll find three flexible levels of service to suit your needs:

Level 1: DIY Content Mastery
Build Your Content Library

Our first level is perfect for the independent author who loves to take control. With my DIY Content Mastery Vault, you gain access to a comprehensive library of professionally designed content templates. These templates are designed to help you create engaging and effective reader magnets on your own. Simply download, customize, and start building your content library.

What You Get:

Pick just the right ready-made content template to start building your library from the

Author’s Arsenal

The Author’s Arsenal


…get all 30 templates in the

Content Mastery Vault

Content Mastery Vault

Learn how to “sell” your reader magnet using step-by-step guides in the

Content Mastery Blog

Content Mastery Blog

Use ready-made content template packages to “sell” your reader magnet (and your books) without being salesy while being a step ahead of getting your marketing content done:

Get 365 content ideas to make an endless array of content from the

Infinite Ideas Kit

Infinite Ideas Kit

Master your content with 100 premade graphic templates using the

Marketing Mastery Toolkit

Marketing Mastery Toolkit

Stay connected to your readers with 175 done-for-you questions to ignite their imagination and encourage engagement!

With 7 category topics to choose from, you’ll never run out of questions to spark a conversation!

Designed for Instagram and Facebook, these content templates are easy to edit and customize, allowing your to get your content done!!!

Content Mastery Ecourse

Say goodbye to the endless cycle of the “blank screen” and unlock the secrets of crafting compelling content that not only builds a library of content but also captivates readers to keep them coming back for more!

Get the self-directed ecourse and dive into strategies to building and maintaining a content library that stands the test of time.

Be the first to be notified when this course comes available! Sign up today to an exclusive list!

Level 2: Collaborative Content Creation
Together, Let’s Build a Library of Never-Ending Content

If you prefer a more guided approach, our Collaborative Content Creation Classes are ideal for you. We’ll work together through online classes to create your reader magnets. This level is a blend of independence and support, providing you with the tools and guidance needed to build your content with confidence.

What You Get:

  • Access to your choice of 10 content templates.
  • Interactive online classes with live support.
  • Collaborative sessions to refine and perfect your reader magnets.

Join a transformative coaching class and take your content creation process to new heights!

Together, we’ll craft your content library, hone your “online” voice, and navigate the online landscape.

Contact me here if you’re interested in the masterclass.

Need only 4 classes to get a handle on your content creation, choose the 4-week masterclass.

Need ongoing, recurring help to create the content needed to survive online, choose the monthly class.

Level 3: DFY Content Creation
Hire an Expert Content Creator

For authors who want a hands-off approach, our Done-for-You Content package is the ultimate solution. Let us handle everything from concept to creation. You’ll receive professionally crafted lead magnets that are ready to use, ensuring your content is top-notch without lifting a finger.

What You Get:

  • Custom reader magnets created by a content creation expert.
  • Tailored content strategy to suit your specific needs.
  • Complete peace of mind knowing your content is in professional hands.

Why Choose Me?

At RomanceAuthorVA, I understand the unique challenges authors face in today’s digital landscape. My content templates are designed to simplify the process of building your reader magnets, helping you achieve content mastery with ease.

Whether you prefer a DIY approach, collaborative creation, or a full-service solution, I’m here to support your journey every step of the way.

Ready to build your content and master your reader magnets? Take a look around and find the perfect fit for your needs.

Get Started Today!

Feel free to reach out to us for any questions or to learn more about how we can help you achieve your content goals. Let’s create something amazing together!

Let’s chat to see if we’d be a good fit! Contact me here.

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