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Who I Am

Launched in 2021, Romance Author VA is dedicated to creating content and providing support to the greatest audience out there — Romance Authors!

What I Do

I help romance authors offer their readers the content they actually want while selling more books by selling more OF their books.

How I Do It

While I may be up-in-coming and new, you’ll find content templates, instructional blog articles, and support as you Become the Author of Your Own Story!

Shental Henrie – Virtual Assistant, Content Creator, Content Marketing Consultant

The first thing you need to know is that while I’m a certified virtual assistant, I specialize in CONTENT – content creation and content marketing.

I’m a Content Creator and a Content Marketing Consultant.

I virtually work with a very special group of people helping them create the book of their dreams.

Hi! My name is Shental. As a Virtual Assistant to Romance Authors (hence the @romanceauthorva , I specialize in creating the content you need for any of your online needs (website extras, reader upgrades, emails, or social media posts).

You can read more about my story here.

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Shental Henrie

But the thing is:

You’re not here to read about me…

This site’s about you, where you’re headed, and how I can help you get there faster

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Don’t worry, there’ll be something here soon!

Contact me at contact@shentalhenrie.com with any questions or concerns.

By day you’ll find me here finding more information for you.

By night, you’ll find me sharing tons of book ideas on www.StuckOnRomanceBooks.com! You can also follow me there on FB@StuckOnRomanceBooks or IG@stuckonromance!!