It's not about me, it's about YOU!

Hello, my name is Shental.

Did you know, I am your number one fan.  I love to read romance books.  I have been reading them for forever!!  I like to read all the books in your book series.

I like to spend copious amounts of hours looking up things about you and your books.  If your book is part of a series, I make a point to find all of them and read them together.  Sometimes I’m in your books for days and days.

But I’ve been frustrated.

I haven’t found very useful information on your website.  Sure, I found a picture of your book and the back blurb.  But I didn’t find much else.  There was no extra details about your book to show me more about your wonderful characters.  Or more about you.

As a reader, there are tons of other things I would love to know about your book, the creation of your story and about you as an author.

Go here for 23 ideas to add to your website.

In my frustration, I created a bookshelf of all the books I’ve read.  It’s a place for me to put all the wonderful books that I have been reading.  A place where I could add more information to connect your books with other books that you have written. 

There have been others that have told me that this site is a great idea.  To have a site where they could get all different kinds of connections to help them read the romance books that they already love.


I wondered how much more I could provide if I could get a hold of what is in YOUR head.  Your ideas, your plans, your thoughts, your musings, your pictures, of your stories.

You were the one to create the story.

Why not have YOU add all of that content ……………….. ON YOUR OWN WEBSITE!!!!

So this is where this site comes in.

Let’s add new content ideas to your site.

Let’s add format it properly so that new readers can find you and you can build your following!

Let’s give your readers website content that is just as wonderful as your books.

If you’re ready to take your site to a new level of marketing, book an hour or ongoing coaching with me.

Or go to Main page where you can find links to how I can help you.

If you don’t know yet if you would like to make some changes, head over to my content blog.

You can read a few blogs of how I would like to change your site into a author business instead of just an author site.  Where I will teach you about SEO and keywords for your content.

I wanted to show you that I am truly a little nuts about romance books.  Here’s a picture of the bookshelf in my room.  This shelf stands 6 feet tall and holds more than 300 books.

I am working my way through these books.

I also have a few (800+) on my kindle and more on a side shelf on the floor!!!

As you can see, I love to read romance.  It is the only genre I read.  I read lots of other books just not other genres.

When I am not reading, I am a mom to 6 beautiful children and wife to a wonderful husband and pack leader to 4 fur-babies.

I spend my days looking after my family and tend to disappear without leaving my bedroom!

Reading romance has gotten me through alot.

So I want to thank you for writing stories that are awesome, inspiring and wonderful.


Bookshelf in my room with over 300 books on it.