Build Your Own Content Library

Having relevant, useful and valuable content to offer your readers is essential in content marketing. Adding content that your readers will actually find engaging and entertaining is the way to not only build your author business but to connect with those readers.

You can Build Your Own Content Library, using content ideas from The Complete List of Content Ideas, to create the content you’ll need to build a robust and reusable content plan.

These content ideas can be used in any part of your content marketing – website extras, blog articles, email newsletters, and social media posts. Each idea shares a little bit more of your characters, your world, your story and even some of you!

Use these content templates again and again to be able to avoid the hassle and frustration of coming up with something new every time you’re in need of new content.

Each of these content ideas is valuable and relevant to your characters and your story. This not only encourages interaction and engagement with your readers, but also gives them something more than just your book!

You’ll develop an increase in loyal fans and shareable content that your readers will love to have and love to show off!

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Build Your Own Content Library Using Content Templates

    All About Your Book

    To sell any book, awareness is key. If you want to increase sales of your book, choosing to share additional details from your story, characters and world that you’ve created can be a great start.

    There’s an old adage that says “If you want to sell more of your book, you need to share more OF your book!”

    In the following content templates you’ll find different aspects of your story, your characters and your world that will be interesting and compelling to your readers. Take a look and decide what your target readers might be interested in.

    About Your Characters

    Giving your readers more information about your characters is a way to not only endear you to your readers but also helps your readers. Why?

    Because your readers want a deeper understanding of who your characters are and how they came to be.

    Your readers want to better comprehend your characters and have a deeper emotional connection with them. After all many will find your characters to be their BBF (Book Boyfriend)!! And what better way to do this then with additional content featuring your characters.

    Each template is a different look at your characters. Mix and match to be able to offer your readers a deep dive look into your characters.

    Cast of Characters Template

    Giving your readers a list of all your characters not only helps them stay connected to your stories but also help new readers get a proper introduction to who’s who in your storyline!

    Offer this easy-to-edit template with each of your stories, giving you more content to share.

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    Character Profile Template

    Knowing who and what your character is is essential for your readers to “see” your character.

    Build a complete picture of your character with this profile template that includes questions about their backstory, personality traits, and physical appearance.

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    Character Interviews Template

    Give your readers an in-depth look into the core of your characters while adding a fun and unique spin on a content idea.

    Use done-for-you questions to get your characters talking! Add a depth and richness to your characters that will sure win the hearts of your readers.

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    Character Adventures Template

    Add even more to who and what your characters are!

    Share your character’s adventures that dive deep into who they are and how they came to be. By using an in-depth questionnaire, describe pivotal moments in your characters’ lives.

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    Character Names Chart Template

    Share an informative and valuable content tool with your readers. This helpful tool not only helps your readers understand your characters a little better but also gives your readers insights into who you are and your writing process.

    Use this easy-to-edit template to create a downloadable pdf your readers can take home with them.

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    Character Roles Template

    Enlighten your readers with a comprehensive snapshot of all your characters involved in your story including their relationships to each other and how they impact the plotline.

    Edit this done-for-you template to create a powerful tool your readers will carry with them as they read your entire book series!

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    Family Tree Chart Template

    Everybody loves pictures! So do your readers!

    Share the pictures of your characters in a familial format. This not only helps your readers to understand how your characters fit together, but it also is just a fun piece of content to give away!

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    Character Timeline Template

    Needing a reference guide to help your readers understand your how your characters fit within your storyline?? Give them a Character Timeline.

    This easy-to-edit template will not only help your readers know the events of your story (in order) but also be able to see how it all works within your storyline.

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    Story Extras

    Incorporating story extras into your online content is a great way to boost engagement and content reach. Adding a story outline, deleted scenes, an alternate ending or even bonus scenes will not only break up content but also add unique dynamic content that would otherwise not be seen by potential viewers.

    Doing this will help you stay ahead of the content curve, as well as provide ideas for other authors in the industry. Not only are these story extras compelling and fun to have, they can breathe life into your content and spur engagement with your readers.

    Your story excerpt is a powerful tool you should be using on your author website.

    It not only allows potential readers to instantly understand how great content you produce, but it also communicates how you write.

    Use this done-for-you template to give your readers a downloadable pdf of maybe more than just your first chapter!

    Story Excerpt

    Get a fun template to offer yours as a downloadable PDF!

    The most important and useful tool on your author website should be your Author Boolist!

    Giving your readers an updated and upgraded booklist is essential for building an online presence where you can display the full scope of all your works.

    Offer a downloadable pdf using this done-for-you content template and watch your readers sign up left and right !

    Author Booklist

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    Story Outline Template

    Outlines are a great tool to use in your marketing AND help your readers along the way!

    This easy-to-edit template provides helpful context so your readers will have a better understanding of your plot line and the events that take place within your narrative.

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    Deleted Scenes Template

    Share a part of your story that didn’t make it into the final manuscript!

    Use this easy-to-edit template to create a downloadable pdf to give your readers a fun content idea. While sharing with them the reasoning why these didn’t make it (questions included).

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    Bonus Scenes Template

    Offer more of your story! Offer “what happened after” type of scenes or expand on one of the scenes already in your story!

    Captivate your readers with this easy-to-edit content template to create a downloadable pdf they will love!

    Not only will grab their attention, but it’ll give them a glimpse into the storylines they already know and love! And as a bonus, you’ll build loyalty and trust.

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    Alternate Ending Template

    Give your readers something more while having a little fun along the way!

    Give your story a different ending, an alternate ending! Make it sad instead of happy! Switch the actions of the characters, making the feel of the story different!

    No matter which you decide, use this easy-to-edit content template to easily share a fun idea with your readers!

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    Events Timeline Template

    A fun story extra that’ll help your readers understand your story and your book series would be a timeline of the events in your story (and book series).

    This type of content is both educational and interesting to your readers. It can also be used in your marketing to build your author business.

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    Book Series Companion Template

    Looking to create a book series companion to sell in addition to your book series?

    Pick from the most commonly used ideas to create your own ebook to either give to your readers or sell online, this template is pre-formatted to easily create a fun addition to give to your readers.

    Coming Soon!

    Universe Timeline Template

    Looking for a fun and functional content idea that your readers will absolutely love???

    Offer your readers your Universe Timeline that showcases the timeline of where all your books fall together in the setting of each of your stories.

    This Google spreadsheet is an editable document that you can customize, adding in your own information!!

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    Character Connections Template

    Coming Soon!

    Bonus Materials

    Adding bonus materials to your content kit is a great way to make your content more interesting, engaging and accessible for your readers. Not only will bonus materials such as community maps, inspiration pics, your story recipes, or the quotes from your book keep your content original and fresh, it’ll help develop content ideas that tap into the interests of your readers.

    With Bonus content, you can create content that connects with more readers in an engaging way. Plus, it allows you to have fun developing your content which is sure to have a positive impact on your creativity as well as your readers’ experience.

    So, if you’re looking for ways to step up your content game – consider adding bonus materials for an engaging content experience!

    Community Map Template

    Take your story (and your content) to the next level by adding a visual. A map of your community is a great way for your readers to be able to “see” your street, your neighborhood, your town, or your community.

    Have fun creating this easy-to-edit template and give your readers something valuable.

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    Inspiration Pics Template

    Take your website to the next level by adding the pictures that helped you create your stories.

    Your readers will love to see any and all pics that helped you to create the wonderful world they love.

    Use this easy-to-edit template to create a downloadable pdf for your inspiration pics.

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    StoryBook Guide Template

    Looking for a content idea that’ll actually be helpful to your readers? Give them a guide to help them to understand your story better! Like how to pronounce the names and places in your story, or a dictionary to explain some things!

    Offering this type of content idea is not only useful to your readers, but also to you. You can use it different ways to engage with readers!

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    Book Recipes Template

    Want an idea that’ll excite your readers? Offer the recipes you wrote into your romance story (the ones implied or the ones actually written).

    This is a content idea that your readers will LOVE! Give it a try!

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    Story Research Template

    Your readers are human too! They want to know all about how people lived and worked in times past – especially when you’re writing a historical romance!

    Share the facts and details you’ve found along the way to creating your story.

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    Picture Collage

    Describe your characters or your world in picture format!

    Give your readers insights into who your characters are or what your world looks like – in pictures!

    The sky’s the limit in the easy to use template!

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    Fun Extras

    Being an author is a writing journey that not only culminates in publishing, but also includes continued promotion.

    Offering fun extras, such as a downloadable and printable calendar that features your book cover on your author website, is the ideal way to promote your writing while simultaneously giving back to your followers. Not only will they be delighted to show off their favorite book cover throughout the year, but they can also receive writing tips, reminders of writing milestones, or other resources that you may decide to include in each month’s calendar.

    Having fun extras like this will not only keep you top-of-mind with your fans but will make for an enjoyable part of their writing and reading journey too!

    These products will be coming soon!!

    You’ll just have to wait and see!