Essential Content Elements for Your Author Platform

As a writer, you already know the importance of having your work read by people who appreciate it. But how can you make sure they can find you, especially in today’s crowded online marketplace?

That’s where your author platform comes in.

It’s the all-important hub that connects YOU with your READERS! And gives you the opportunity to introduce yourself and your books in the most effective way possible.

The best part? Creating an author platform is easier than you might think! With the essential content elements (website, email list, freebie or giveaway, your other profiles, and social media links) you can give yourself the best chance to be found and appreciated by the right audience.

So, let’s dive into how to build the essential content elements for your author platform.

Building Your Online Presence: The Essential Content Elements Needed for Your Author Platform

Building your online presence and platform is crucial in making a name for yourself in the romance industry. One of the key components of your platform is your author website.

But, what are the essential content elements that every romance author needs on their website?

Let’s dive into the must-haves for your author platform, from essential pages to social media links.

Author Website

Your website is the storefront of your author platform, and it should reflect your brand and showcase you as an author.

Essential Pages

Here’s a quick list of the essential content pages you’ll need on your author website.

  • Home page
  • Author Booklist page
  • Book page (for each book)
  • Book Series page (for each book series)
  • Author Blog page
  • Landing page (for each freebie offered)
  • Events page
  • Media page
  • About or Bio page
  • Contact page
  • WooCommerce pages
  • Additional pages (if you’re branching out)
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Each of these pages serves a purpose! Your About page is where you can introduce yourself. Your Author Blog page is where you can share additional stories and content while creating engagement with your readers. And each of your book pages can showcase each of your books and extra content to go with each.

Content Extras

Additionally, you can add extra unique content on each of your book and/or book series pages to not only capture your readers attention but also to convince them to sign up to your email list with the promise of exclusive content.

Build your own content library and offer valuable and relevant content that readers actually want.

Here’s a short list of content ideas:

  • About your characters
  • Story extras
  • Bonus materials
  • Even fun extras

Click the picture to see even more ideas to offer your readers.

Offer content that your readers will interact with on your author website.

Build Your Email List

Grow your online presence and keep yoiur readers updated and informed using a simple form to capture their email addresses.

You must create a list of readers (your subscribers) to send updates, newsletters, and promotions regularly. You may be wondering what content you should send to your readers?

Well, what do you have that’s valuable, relevant, and useful? Check out the Content Library to create your own!!

Offer a Valuable Freebie

A great way to give value to your readers and incentivize them to sign up to your email list is by offering your readers a reader upgrade (aka freebie).

This content can be exclusive content that’s related to your characters, your world, or even your storyline. You can also offer a short story, a deleted scene, an author Q&A, or even a sample from your next book, as this will give your readers something of value.

This type of content is ideal to warm your readers up to your brand and your content!

Current And Active Social Media Accounts

Having your social media links on your website makes it easy for your readers and potential followers to find you. Make sure your social media links and your profiles are accurate, active, and up-to-date, as readers love following authors they love.

Find out where your ideal readers spend their time online. And focus your attention to that platform.

Including the links to your social media accounts is an excellent opportunity to highlight your content and may even provide social proof that’ll help convince other readers to like, follow, comment, and share your content.

Set Up Your Other Author Pages

Expand your online presence by creating an author pages on websites like Goodreads, Amazon, Facebook, and even Bookbub.

These are just a few of the most widely known author websites on which you can set up your author profile to advertise your brand and your books.

To make the most of these, you need to set each up author profile and make sure to use the features they offer.

Learn to update and optimize your other author pages.


Building your author platform takes effort, but it’s an essential element to grow and evolve your career as a romance author.

With these essential content elements for your author platfrom, you’ll have everything you’ll need to build a solid foundation for your online presence and connect with your readers.

Remember your online presence should be authentic, informative, and engaging, so focus on providing value for your readers and make yourself accessible and open to creating new relationships within the industry. It’s time to start building your author platform, and this list is a great starting point to do it right.

But maybe you need more information first!! Dive deep into what the experts are saying.

Dive Deeper!!

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Why Should I Have an Author Platform?

As an aspiring author, it’s important to establish an online presence to connect with readers and potential publishers. This is where having an author platform comes in handy. An author platform is essentially an online hub that showcases your literary work, your accomplishments, and your personality.

Think of it as a virtual resume that allows readers to get to know you on a personal level beyond just your writing. Once established, your author platform can help you build a following, attract new readers, and even land book deals. It’s a crucial tool that can take your writing career to the next level.

So, why not start building your author platform today and see where your literary journey takes you?

Do I Need an Author Platform Before I Write a Book?

As an aspiring author, you’ve no doubt heard the term “author platform”! But what exactly does it mean, and do you really need one before you start writing your book?

Well, to put it simply, an author platform is essentially your online brand. It’s the way you present yourself and your work to the world, through channelslike social media, blogs, and websites.

And while it may not be absolutely essential to have one before you start writing, building a platform early on can help you establish an audience and create the buzz you need around your work.

Plus agents and publishers often look for authors with an existing platform, as it can demonstrate that you’re serious about your writing and have the ability to market yourself effectively.

So, if you’re serious about becoming a published author, taking the time to build an author platform might just be worth your while.

Here’s an article from ProWriting Aid that goes into it a bit more.

What’s Next…

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Don’t forget to optimize your book pages so your books can be found easier.

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