Make your Content Work for You

Are you making grievous errors on your author website?

quote: Because what you send out is just as important as how you send it!

Are you one of those authors who are missing a massive opportunity to convert your casual readers into a loyal following because of your boring, uninteresting website?

The odds are ….. you are, because you DON’T KNOW that you are.

Let me explain.

Creating a website that converts your casual readers into frequent buyers requires a completely different skill set than writing your book.

So you’re partly excused!!!

But that doesn’t mean that you want to be losing readers when all it takes is a few simple additions to make your site enchanting, entertaining, tantalizing, and convincing!!!

Yes, you have the necessary things that you were told that you needed on your site.  Things like your book covers, your back blurb and most importantly your link to buy your book.

But is that really enough to convince your readers to BUY your books?

Here are some mistakes that many authors are making:

  • NO WEBSITE.  Some authors have no website at all.  I’ve found several very popular authors that don’t have a site at all.  As a reader coming to you find you, you need a site!!
  • NO COMPELLING REASON TO STAY.  Thank you for setting one up!!  But you need to give us readers a reason to stay.  If your site yells “me… me… me…” then we don’t like to stick around.  We want to know how your book helps us.  Answer that and you will have so countless readers.
  • TOO MUCH STUFF.  Too many things to look at.  Too many colors.  Too many different things to see and do.  There is an order and a strategy to having a website.  From branding to organization, your site needs to have structure and purpose.
  • NO CALL-TO-ACTION.  Each page of your website has a purpose.  At the end of each page, you need to guide your readers to the next step.
  • NO OPT-IN FORM.  Getting your readers emails is one the most important things you need to do to be successful online.  As a romance author, your readers already love you because of your story.  Make it easy for you to connect with them by catching their emails.
  • STUFF IN THE WRONG SPOT.  Things like your opt-in or your social media share buttons or your links to purchase, all have a place that will help you to convince your readers to buy.

While I have just barely touched on what you could add to your site, take a moment and ask yourself if any of these are lacking on your site.

You can add content that your readers would love to read and love to share with others.

Content comes in many forms.  

From enlightening articles to captivating videos to educational ebooks to informative pdf downloads to gorgeous pictures.  

Whatever you decide to have on your site, you need to think about what your readers WANT to see.

Graphic showing content ideas
Content Ideas to add to any website
pic of content ideas that I give authors

As a Romance Author, you have wonderful things that you could give to your readers.  Things that your readers will thank you for.  

As a romance reader, there are lots of other things that I would love to know about the creation of your book, and about you as a person. 

Here are some content ideas to get you started:

Content Ideas to Transform your Website!

Better content will help to convert your readers to buyers and occasional buyers into loyal followers.

Take a look at these ideas:

Graphics Content

Giving your readers something more to look at will help with the attractiveness of your website.  It’ll make readers stick around and read more.  Then you can convince them of more that  you have to offer!

Take a look at these other graphics.

Video Content

Videos are an excellent way to show off your new book.  And they’re a way that you can engage with your reader.  Who doesn’t love to what a short video of the book they just read.  

Take a look at the video I made for a client.

Freebie Content

Do you offer something to your readers in exchange for their email??  I hope so!  Freebies are a great way to connect with your readers.  And then you can keep in touch with them through email.

Need help coming up with an idea?

Email Content

Do you have an email sequence that automatically responds when a new reader signs up to your list?  

Let me show you how this is essential to making it work online.

Don't just add your content!

Your content needs to formatted and organized and optimized.

Take a look at these different resources, both free and paid that can help your site to be best it can be.

Website Audit

Do you know how your current site is doing?

Get it checked for broken links, keywords, search engine optimization and copywriting.  Plus so much more!

Follow the link to see how much it’ll cost you to get an audit done.

FREE Resources

There are many different aspects to having a website and an online business.

Take a look at these FREE Resources that will help you grow and manage your Author Business.

Paid for Resources

There are many different aspects to having and maintaining a website.

Take a look at these Paid Resources that can help you grow and manage your Author Business.

Now all you need to do is decide if you can do the work yourself or you would like someone to do it for you.

You don’t have the time nor the patience it would take to make the content yourself??

That’s okay!!

Follow this link and I would be ecstatic to help you!

Do-It-Yourself Svcs

Do you have the time and money needed to do this on your own?

That’s awesome!

Follow this link to see all the different resources that you will need to make it happen.