Seven Content Ideas Readers are looking for on your Author Website!

Seven Content Ideas readers are looking for on your author website!

According to recent studies, website visitors are more likely to stick around when a site provides engaging and relevant content. What does this mean for you as an author? It means that you need to start thinking about ways to keep your author website engaging and interesting for your readers.

Thankfully, there are plenty of ideas you can use! In this post, we’ll share some of the most popular types of content your readers are looking for on author websites. So read on and get inspired!

What do your readers want to see on your author website?

1. Exclusive Content

Readers want to feel as if they’re getting content that no one else is getting. They want behind-the-scenes notes and thoughts that’re only available to your most loyal fans.

If your website is the same as everywhere else, there’s no reason why your readers would come to your site to learn more. When you plan your book launch, you find a venue, plan email invitations, promote on social media, provide swag products, come up with an elevator pitch, and mingle with your people. Just like you’d plan your book launch, so must you plan your website.

Google also wants you to give exclusive content. Google will give you higher rankings then the other authors in your sub-genre if you have something extra to give your readers.

2. Booklist

Readers come to your site looking for your booklist. They expect. It needs to be found easily and quickly. If it’s not found quickly, then your readers will leave your site quicker than you can say booklist!

Offering your booklist in a downloadable pdf is a great way to offer your readers a little extra. They’ll be able to take your booklist with them is an awesome marketing trick. And if you’ve formatted this in such a way, they’ll have a piece of you with them!!

3. Book News

One of the main reasons readers come to your website is to find out when your next book is coming out. When this is noticeable, your readers will feel like they’re part of the “in” crowd and share that with other readers.

Offering to share updates and sales as well as exclusive content to your readers is a great way to get them to sign up to your email list.

4. Blog Posts

Having blog posts, that’s about more than just your book, is a great way to share more about you and what’s going on in your head. Why?? Because your blog is whatever you want it to be.

Here are a few suggestions that your readers might enjoy:

  • Links to the guest posts that you’ve written for another author or reviewer.
  • Book reviews. Ones that you’ve reviewed or author’s books that you recommend.
  • A list of your upcoming book signing and public events.
  • A list of articles or interviews you’ve been featured in.
  • Your book recommendation list.
  • Article series about writing or book marketing or the publishing industry.
  • Posts about your creative process or your thoughts as a writer.

Needless to say, this is not a complete list of posts you could add to your site, but it could get you started.

5. Your Social Media Links

Making sure that your social media handles are front and center on your website. Some readers only want to know what you’re up to online. They want to follow you and “see” what you’re doing!

This is also a way that your readers will consider contacting you. So make a plan to answer not only comments but also the DMs that come your way.

6. Your About Page

Readers will come to your site looking for information about you. Having an About Page that’s actually about YOU with details about you and your life is a great way for your readers to get to know you.

Include high quality and CURRENT pics of you. Some authors don’t want pics of their kids online, and while that’s understandable, adding a professionally done headshot is a good idea. Not only will readers enjoy knowing what you look like, potential contacts in the industry will like “seeing” you too.

7. Your Contact Information

Providing a way for your readers to contact you is great way to build your relationship with your readers. Having a Contact Page on your site with your email address is a way to do this. Signing up for a free Gmail address that’s exclusively for your Author Business is a great way for you to separate your personal from business.

Some authors are still worried about giving out their phone number or email address. If that’s you, then you can add a contact form onto your site that allows your readers to contact you without giving them your email address. There are many plugins that allow you do this.

Crafting a website that your readers love is a great content marketing tactic. Keeping them on your site is the only way you’ll be able to grow your email list and build your business.

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