Being supported while you're creating your story is the point behind Ideation Coaching!

Services – Ideation Coaching

IDEATION COACHING for your Romance Stories!!

You have ideas for your stories. You have details running through your head.

You have wonderful thoughts and ideas that would be awesome for a romance story that you desperately want to put together.

You also have a great desire to become a best-selling author and become as well known as some of the greats that are out there.

But you need support. Support thru the creation of your ideas, thoughts and details as you plan and create your story.

I’m here to help. As a VA just for Romance Authors, I’m especially capable in helping you come up with the necessary details that you’re going to need to be able to write your story.

It will help if you have the My Romance Book Bible or the My Romance Book Series Bible as I help you with your ideas!!

There are two levels of coaching that you can purchase.

Coaching $40/hr

At $40/hr, I help you in any fashion you need. I can help you spark ideas as well as keep you on track and focused on what YOU ARE planning!!

Coaching 3hrs $80

If you’re committed to getting started, and need time to talk and think things through, then 3hrs of time is best.

Steps to take:

There’s a 2-step process to us working together.

First, contact me. We chat to find out if we are a good fit to work together. Then we talk about your book and what you’re doing and where you’re wanting to go with it. Then we sign an agreement that we’re both happy with.

Second, you buy the number of hours you’d like to. And yes, you buy before I work. I’m committed to you. And I’m honest to a fault.