My Idea Bible


A printable workbook to keep track of random romance story ideas that float around in your head!!

Yes, you can get the PDF here, and pay only $7.


A printable workbook to keep track of many different thoughts, ideas, and details that go through your head when thinking about the romance stories that you WANT to write!!

This Idea Bible will:

  • give you a place to keep track of all your fascinating details that have piqued your interest.
  • allow you to keep track of many ideas instead of just one idea.
  • prepare you with a powerful resource that you can use again and again to write many stories.
  • allow you to personalize your own workbook, making it fun and exciting, just for you!
  • enable you to keep track of different ideas that you’ve decided upon and be consistent in your details.
  • allow you to organize your ideas and thoughts so that you can start writing that ONE Romance Story that you keep thinking about!

Have fun creating!


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