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Looking to save some time and money so you can continue to write??

Look no further!

Our done-for-you graphic templates make it easy to create high-quality graphics that’ll help you stand out from other authors. Plus, these graphics are already formatted for you, so you can get started right away.

Each of these graphics are formatted ready for you to add your own flair and style, ready for you to customize to YOU!

Here’s what’s included:

  • “Now Available” x 8
  • “Pre-Order” x 3
  • “Order Now” x 2
  • “new Release” x 3
  • “Live” x 1
  • “Sneak Peak” x 1
  • Quote graphic x 2
  • “Teaser” x 2
  • Holiday graphic x 3
  • Sign up to your newsletter x 2
  • Reader Reviews x 2
  • “Giveaway” x 5
  • “Coming Soon” x 3
  • “Buy Now” x 3
  • Netflix style x 4
  • “Available Now” for book series x 7
  • “Sale Price” x 1
  • Series Comparison x 1
  • “New Release” for book series x 1
  • “Cover Reveal” x 3
  • Character Introduction x 3
  • Comparing Characters x 4
  • Author Tips x 2
  • Book Details x 3
  • Title Change Notification x 2
  • Cover Change Notification x 2
  • Cover Comparison x 1

All your marketing needs in one package!

These templates are created through Canva. The elements used can be used and downloaded with the Free version of Canva.

And if you need any help, our experts are here to lend a hand.


Marketing Graphic Templates – YouTube are the ultimate marketing package to creating your own custom social media graphics.

You’ll find 75 different templates, all formatted to 1280 x 720 px, to be used on YouTube Post, already done-for-you!!

These templates are available for instant download so you can start using them right now. If you’ve ever wanted to save time and get your content out faster having to create your own graphics from scratch yourself.

Well, now you don’t have to!!

These Marketing Graphic Templates are designed for you, the Author, in mind.


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