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Do you want to capture your reader’s attention with your books? Take a look at the Story Elements Profile Infographic Templates!

This template is a perfect tool for you to showcase your books (and your characters) for your readers. With its bright and visually appealing design, this will help you easily communicate your message to your readers. Not only is it a great way to engage with your readers, but it can also help your readers to remember your books the next time they’re in need of a new read.

Plus, its stunning visuals (your book covers) will increase your brand awareness and help improve your website’s SEO.

You have all the sizes you’ll ever need for any social media platform that you enjoy.

So what are you waiting for? Try the Story Elements Profile Infographic Templates today!!

This is a downloadable digital product that you can use in your own marketing to share your book with your readers.

While you have the commercial use license, this infographic template cannot be resold, shared or redistributed to anyone else. It is for your use only.

Look below to see what’s included in this bundle!


Adding an infographic into your content marketing will help you to create visually compelling, engaging content that is easy to share.

Your brand awareness will improve as a result, and your website’s SEO will benefit too.

Most importantly, your readers will learn more about your books and think of you first the next time they’re in need another read.

After you’ve purchased, you’ll receive an email with the links to download the PDFs. there’re three downloadable PDFs.

First, you’ll find the download links from Canva to edit and customize your own infographics. There are 11 different sizes of social graphic templates, that’re done-for-you! Each graphic is designed for one of your books. Use it again and again for each of your books.

The sizes are:

  • Graphic size 800 x 2000 px – perfect for a blog post
  • Graphic size 940 x 788 px – perfect for a Facebook post
  • Graphic size 1200 x 628 px – perfect for a Facebook Ad post
  • Graphic size 1080 x 1920 px – perfect for Facebook Stories; Instagram Stories; Snapchat post; Tiktok post
  • Graphic size 1080 x 566 px – perfect for Instagram Horizontal
  • Graphic size 1080 x 1080 px – perfect for Instagram Square
  • Graphic size 1080 x 1350 px – perfect for Instagram Vertical
  • Graphic size 1104 x 736 px – perfect for Linked In
  • Graphic size 600 x 900 px – perfect for Pinterest
  • Graphic size 1200 x 675 px – perfect for Twitter
  • Graphic size 1280 x 720 px – perfect for YouTube Thumbnail

Second, there are instructions on how to edit your infographic, a disclaimer, and your commercial use license. Read this one first!

Third, you’ll find not only, tips on how to use your infographic, but also a social media template, blog post template and an email template that you can customize.

You don’t need the Canva Pro paid account to buy these infographics. All the elements used in the Story Elements Infographics Templates are free elements!



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