Graphics Content

Do you have other graphics on your webpages?

Okay, I know that you have wonderful book covers and they are prominently displayed on your pages.

But have you thought about adding other graphics to your pages?

Here are some that have been made for some romance books that you might even recognize:

Book Quotes made into Graphics

Your characters say amazing things! Add them to a graphic.

These graphics not only can be used in your social media posts but also on your website for readers to get to know your characters so much more.

Check these out:

Fun book quote for the Toughest Cowboy by Carolyn Brown
Click the pic to read #bookdetails for the Toughest Cowboy in Texas
Click the pic to read #bookdetails for Kiss of Fire
Fun graphic for Saving Jake by Sharon Sala
Click the pic to read #bookdetails for Saving Jake

Book Covers made into Graphics

Your book covers are amazing! 

Think about putting them together not only for social media posts but also to help your readers to know which books go with which books and in which series.

Take a look at these:

Collage graphic with book covers from the Malloys of Montana Series by RC Ryan
Click the picture to check out the #bookdetails for the Malloys of Montana Series
Interested in the Dragonfire Series? Click the pic to know #bookdetails before you read
Collage graphic of book covers for the Blessings Georgia Series by Sharon Sala
Want to know more about the Blessings Georgia Series? Click the pic to jump to the book series pg!

Book Covers

Just starting out and in need of a book cover for your new book??

Take a look at these book covers that are now exciting books for you to read:

Coming Soon Book Cover

Coming Soon!

I’m currently working on my first book cover!!

What's the next step?

Graphics can not only make your website alot more interactive, they can also make your social media posts so much more interesting.

Want me to take care of it for you?  Awesome!

Shoot me an email at  I’m going to need your book so then I can find book quotes for you and then we can chat to find an idea of what you are looking for?

Then I will go through my massive collection of pictures and find one that suits your story.  You will get two updates to see if they are what you want, then payment will be due when finished.  I will then hand over the copyrights to you.  And you can use them as you please.

With one graphic, you will get 6 properly formatted posts to use as you please.

  • Facebook post 940 x 788
  • Twitter post 1024 x 512
  • Tumbler post 540 x 810
  • Instagram post 1080 x 1080
  • Pinterest post 735 x 1102
  • Social Media post 800 x 800


Looking for other types of graphics like:

  • Social Media headers
  • Blog post graphics
  • Youtube thumbnails
  • and many more!!!

$10per graphic

DIY Services

You want to go and make them yourself??  That’s awesome!

Here are a list of services that you will need in order to make your own graphics.