It’s what’s inside that counts!

Your website is the heart of your Author Business. Building your site shouldn’t be hard, as long as you have compelling and fascinating content that your readers will actually want to read!

In order to do this though, it’s important to not only make your site a place that showcases your wonderful books but also has appealing design which keeps your readers engaged and entertained. And as a bonus they come back again and again to see what you’re offering.

Here you’ll find content templates for your website, your email newsletters, even your blog posts. These templates are already done-for-you, ready to customize to your own branding and style.

You’ll also find products and services to help you on your journey to Becoming the Author of Your Own Story!

The Ultimate Author Assistant Series

It’s hard to be a solo romance writer.

But it doesn’t have to be.

There are others that would love nothing more than being on your journey with you! And if we’re honest, most of us want someone else holding us accountable and supporting every step along the way so they can see all those successes come true!

With proper support from friends or an accountability partner (or both!), any dream can become a reality – even becoming a best-selling author.

Author Website Content Templates

Your back blurb is not the only content that you can add to your website!

Your readers would love to know more about your book, your characters and you!

Repurpose your book, your notes and your ideas using customizable content templates to make your stuff look pretty and enchanting to your readers.

Content Opt-in Templates

Your excerpt is not the only thing that you can give to your readers.

You create so much when you create your story. And your readers would love to read more than just your book.

These customizable templates can help you to give valuable and relevant content to your readers in exchange for their email address.

Infographics Template Bundles

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Infographics are a fun and useful tool that you can be used in many different aspects of your marketing.

From giving it away as a freebie, to sharing on social media, to offering it in your emails, an infographic can help your readers engage with you and come to know, like and trust you.

Story Book Content Bibles

Your brainstorming and story notes are just the beginning to what you can share with your readers. But that content first must be created.

With the Content Bibles, you’ll be able to plan out your story elements and book details with accuracy and consistency.

You can also join a community of authors and support people to give you accountability and support as you create your book and book series.

Swag Products

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It’s never been easier to give your readers an even more personal experience.

Why not let them enjoy their favorite beverage in style? You can transfer these content templates onto any merchandise you want – bookmarks; mugs; calendars; bags; hoodies!

All thanks to – a simple online graphics software made for authorpreneurs like you who’re looking beyond just words on a paper.

You can either give them away (or sell) these items when you order from Canva.

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