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The Ultimate Author Assistant Series is a CONTENT LIBRARY that you, as an author can use in your social media campaigns, or your emails, or on your website. Or maybe you’ll need new ideas to motivate and inspire you to keep moving forward.

You’ll find do-it-yourself content that you can edit to make your own, all from inexpensive templates. This is where you add your own book covers and book details to the templates.

You’ll find content that’s done for you. Already finished graphics for social media posts, your emails or blog posts. This includes a Social Sharing Plan to know how and when to share with your readers.

And finally, there’s no need to do things by yourself. In our done-with-content, we work together to find the right research you’ll need or help you to stay motivated and on track with your writing goals.


Creating content that your readers will actually engage and interact with can be tough for some authors. Making the content interesting enough that they will share it or download it is the struggle of every marketer out there.

As a romance reader, the number of times I got frustrated with author websites that were soooo boring and bland. Or their emails were so salesy that all I deleted them because all they did was once again try to sell their book without offering something more.

As a reader, I wanted to know more, live more, be with the characters more. But many authors didn’t have anything else to offer readers. There was no additional information, deleted scene or fun something where I could spend more time with the characters (and book).

Now you can offer something more to your readers!

Worksheets, checklists and research to create your story elements.


Take a look at these content ideas that you can make into your own. These templates are completely editable and customizable — you can do it yourself — content to add to your website, blog posts, emails and social media campaigns.

Book Cover Infographic Templates

Infographics are a fun and useful tool to be able to share with your readers different information in picture format!

These infographics can be given out in your emails, your social media campaigns or even added to your website!

Infographic Templates Pkg A
Book Number Infographic Template
Infographic Templates Pkg B
Infographic Templates Pkg C
Infographic Templates Pkg D
Infographic Templates Pkg E

Companion Journals

A companion journal, that you edit to match your book and characters, can be used as a freebie to get your readers to sign up to your email list. Okay, this is a fun and even silly idea, but why not!!

Companion Journals Pkg A
Companion Journal FREEBIE
Companion Journals Pkg B

Social Media Packages

How about some templates for social media graphics?? You can edit these to match your own branding and style. Each pkg comes with a quote file so you’ll know what to add to each graphic!!

Motivational Social Media Pkg
FREE Social Media Pkg
Writer/Reader Social Media Pkg

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Staying in contact with your readers is time consuming and even painful! Coming up with enough posts to actually use to stay in contact with those readers can be daunting and overwhelming.

Take a look at these already done for you social media packages that you can start using right away!

Social Media Packages

101 Motivational Social Media Pkg
FREE Social Media Pkg
100 Writer/Reader Social Media Pkg
101 Inspirational Social Media Pkg
FREE Social Media Pkg
302 Social Media Graphics Pkg

Done With You Content

There’s no need to go down this journey alone!

Becoming an author is hard and you need support, encouragement and help along the way.

With these journals, coupled with accountability calls (via zoom), let’s make your dream come true!

Working JOURNALS for ideas, motivation, and confidence


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