Content Marketing Templates

If you’re wanting to make money selling your romance books, you own an Author Business.

Now, it’s time to market it like one!

Marketing is hard work! There’s no doubt about it. We know all too well why so many authors struggle with getting their books and their message out or building enough momentum behind them for people start paying attention.

You need a plan of action and the right marketing pieces in place for success!

Take a look at these done-for-you content marketing templates, ready for you to customize and edit to your branding and style.

And what’s awesome, you’ve ALREADY created all the content you’re gonna need!!!

Let me show you how you can repurpose your book into blog articles, email newsletters and fun website content that your readers are going to find engaging and entertaining!

Your Author Website is the most important marketing piece in your content marketing. It’s also the central hub of that marketing.

Your site needs to be updated and optimized to fit what Google expects. Here’re tips to get you started.

Download 101 tips to building and creating a consistent online presence and updating and optimizing your website all by yourself!!

101 Tips to an Irresistible Website

These templates are customizable to your colors and style. You can edit these emails, blog articles, and graphics to match your voice as well as your branding and style.

The Ultimate Content Marketing Kit

Running an author business is no simple task. You have to think about website design, email campaigns and blog posts for your site as well social media plans like Facebook pages or Twitter feeds that will help promote all of the freebies you offer on www.(insert domain).

There’s so much content involved in this venture – book launch events with giveaways; Amazon profiles where people can find out more information about how they work before buying their product…it goesOn!

The Ultimate Website Content Kit

Yes, there are website pages that your readers expect, but there’s also fun content that you can add to your site that will compel your readers to stay and read! And this is good for your search engine optimization (SEO). Take a look at the not so new but definitely improved website content ideas for your website.

Content Opt-ins Offers

Your story excerpt isn’t the only free thing you can give to your readers. You create so much more!

There are too many ideas to fit on this page, Click below to see how you can WOW your readers with content you’ve already created!!

Content Opt-in Templates DFY

The Ultimate Email Content Kit

Emails are so essential, not only to nurture your readers but also to your Author Business.

The Ultimate Email Content Kit

The Ultimate Blog Content Kit

Your readers want more of you and your book. Let me show you how you can share both and not dive too deep into the personal stuff that most authors seem to be afraid of sharing!

The Ultimate Blog Content Kit

The Ultimate Book Launch Content Kit

Having the needed content pieces to your book launch is essential to a successful launch. With email, graphic and copy templates you can send out your book with confidence.

The Ultimate Amazon Content Kit

Even your Amazon author page and description is vital content to update and optimize. From optimizing your keywords to having the right size of graphics is essential to being found.

The Ultimate Social Sharing Plan

Need a plan for your choice of social media? Take a look at this Social Sharing Plan. A done-for-you plan that you can use again and again and never run out of content ideas to share.

Marketing Graphic Templates

Who has the time to create graphics for every blog article or social media post? Connecting with your readers is essential, but who has that extra hour or two in their schedule. RomanceAuthorVA’s Marketing Graphic Templates can help you connect seamlessly without spending hours working on custom designs!

Each package includes 75 customizable graphics so you can make sure every aspect of your design reflects how YOU want people to recognize YOUR brand and book – not just another author’s logos and design styles.

Facebook Ad Graphics 1200x628px

75 Facebook Ad Marketing Graphic Templates, done-for-you!

Facebook Ad Marketing Graphic Templates

Facebook Post Graphics 940x788px

75 Facebook Marketing Graphic Templates, done-for-you!

Facebook Marketing Graphic Templates

Instagram Horizontal Graphics 1080x566px

75 Instagram Horizontal Marketing Graphic Templates, done-for-you!

Instagram Horizontal Marketing Graphic Templates

Instagram Square Graphics 1080x1080px

75 Instagram Square Marketing Graphic Templates, done-for-you!

Instagram Square Marketing Graphic Templates

Instagram Vertical Graphics 1080x1350px

75 Instagram Vertical Marketing Graphic Templates, done-for-you!

Instagram Vertical Marketing Graphic Templates

Linked In Graphics 1104x736px

75 Linked In Marketing Graphic Templates, done-for-you!

Linked In Marketing Graphic Templates

Pinterest Graphics 600x900px

75 Pinterest Marketing Graphic Templates, done-for-you!

Pinterest Marketing Graphic Templates

Stories Graphics 1080x1920px

75 Marketing Graphic Templates, done-for-you! (perfect for IG stories, FB stories, Snapchat and TikTok).

Stories Marketing Graphic Templates

Twitter Graphics 1200x736px

75 Twitter Marketing Graphic Templates, done-for-you!

Twitter Marketing Graphic Templates

YouTube Graphics 1280x720px

75 YouTube Marketing Graphic Templates, done-for-you!

YouTube Marketing Graphic Templates

Marketing Graphic Templates

Want all 10 sizes of graphic templates in one package??

Social Media Graphic Pkgs

Having enough graphics to share with your readers is essential to staying top-of-mind. Creating enough graphics to have on hand can also be time consuming when your time is better spend working on your book.

Here’re done-for-you Social Media Pkgs. Graphics already formatted and created. All you have to do is post them to the platform of your choice. Each graphic set is 101 Facebook posts (940 x 788 px)

100 Inspirational Quotes

100 Instagram ready Inspirational Quotes! These ready-to-post social media graphics are a time-saving product to help you stay connected with your readers.

Social Media Graphics - 100 Inspirational Quotes

101 Motivational Quotes

101 Instagram ready Motivational Quotes! These ready-to-post social media graphics give you a jump start in creating the content you need for social media!

Social Media Graphics - 101 Motivational Quotes

100 Reader/Writer Quotes

100 Facebook ready quotes! There’re 50 Reader Quotes and 50 Writer Quotes and are ready-to-post! Get a jump on getting your social media graphics done!

100 Reader Writer Quotes Graphics

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