Comparing Landing Pages to Landing Pages

Dear Author,

There are two schools of thought when it comes to defining a landing page.

The first one is a page that your visitor comes to onto your site, whether that be from social media or a Google search.

The second one is a page where you’re asking for only one action to be taken.  This is also called a squeeze page.

So let’s

Compare Landing Pages to Landing Pages

The first one to think about is on your website.

Website landing pages

Pic of landing pagesBasically, every page on your site is a landing page.  This means that any page that a reader can land on is a landing page.  If you think about it, this can be any page of your site.

Each page then needs to be written in such a way that when your reader lands on it, they will understand what the page is about.

Let’s identify what needs to be on a landing page.


Each page should have a strong, compelling headline.  You need to tell your reader exactly what your page is about.  Your headline can be the title of your book.  It can also be something about your book that would excite your readers.

Sales Copy

As an author, you can tell me why your book is so awesome.  You can sell me your book.

This is what sales copy, or copy, or the words on your site are.

You need to convince your readers that your book is the next book they need to read and why.

That means that you have to tell me about your book.

Let me know if I could help.

Book Images

Adding pictures of your books is the best way for the reader to know what it looks like.

Because whether you like it or not, your book will be judged by it cover!!

Reader Reviews

When you add reviews of your books right on the pages of your site, you help new readers to know if your book has been liked by other readers.

You could also have a link to your book pages on Amazon when you have too many to add to your site pages.  That way your new readers will know more about your book before they buy.

An offer

While you can’t set Amazon prices, you can run different marketing campaigns that will benefit your readers.

When you are doing that, make sure it is on the pages in question.


Your calls-to-actions will be your “buy now” buttons to take them to Amazon, Barns & Noble, or wherever.

But you can make them more appealing by changing the wording of the button that is used.  Or you can have such compelling copy that they can do nothing but get your book.



Squeeze Landing Pages

Pic of landing pagesThe biggest difference with Landing pages that are Squeeze pages is that they are one page, one offer action pages with no distractions anywhere else on the page.

Think back to the last time you signed up for something that was on a page with only a simple statement or question and a “sign up” button.  That is a landing page.


What you need to remember is that landing pages are always working for you.  They are up and running 24/7.  If they are formatted properly, they can help you sell more of your books.

You need to have landing pages that will deliver results.  This is essential to growing your following while turning more occasional readers into devoted buyers.


You could take this one step further and say that…

what will you say on your website pagesEvery website page must have…

….a purpose.  Ask yourself the question:  How will this page help my reader?

While your books don’t give your readers a tangible benefit, you do give them a benefit nonetheless.

And at times that benefit can be bigger and stronger than anything you can hold in your hand.

….a message.  Each page needs to share what the underlying message is that you are trying to share.  And for some authors, this can be pretty deep.

Let me give you an example.  My fav book of all time is Jude Deveraux’s Knight in Shining Armor.  Loved the book, totally recommend it.  But in the back of the book, there is a blurb from Ms Deveraux telling us that the book is about alcohol addictions.

This is the type of thing I, as a reader, am asking you to add to your site!

….awesome pictures.  Every romance reader out there has pictures in their heads of their favorite characters.  If you provide that picture for your reader, think of how much more appealing your site would be!!!

….an objective.  If your purpose if fulfilled, then what is your reader to do next?  Thought needs to go into what the next step should be for your reader.  Most likely it will be to buy your book, but it might be something else too.

There is, what marketers call, a funnel that you need to lead your readers through.  This funnel will lead them from an occasional buyer to a devoted reader that buys everything that you send out.

….a call-to-action.  This is the words that you use to tell them what to do next.  Usually this in a button or a text link format.  Yes, it could also be the button to send them to Amazon.


Take the time to go through your site, page by page, to make sure that each page is defined and formatted accordingly.  I know it takes time.  I am still working on mine!!

Let me know if I can help you make your site awesome.

Your friend in romance,