Build Your Own Marketing Content

Does your marketing get in the way of writing your book?

You have so many hats to wear, and learning to run your Author Business is not small feat!

You know that in every business, including your Author Business, you’ll need of certain types of content that can be used in a variety of ways. Building up your marketing content, content you’ll need for any situation, comes with running and operating your own business and is vital to surviving and thriving.

Sign up today and get 356 content ideas that you can use in any part of your online marketing (website extras, emails, blogs, social media).

Each of these content ideas is relevant to you and your book. Not only do these ideas encourage interaction and engagement with your readers, but they also give your readers something more than just your book!

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But I know you’re strapped for time, so here are content templates and done-for-you packages you can use to build your marketing content easily and quickly.

Build Your Own Marketing Content Using Content Templates and DFY Packages

    Website Content

    Your website is your most essential content marketing piece. Having the right content pages on your author website can be a make-or-break factor for its success. Too few or too many, incorrect information – all of this affects how readers interact with you and whether they will return to learn more about your books and your writing journey.

    To help guide you in creating an effective site that truly works for you, download these totally FREE lists and checklists.

    Author Blog Content

    If you are serious about writing and embarking on a writing journey, starting an author blog can be your vehicle to success. Search engine algorithms reward websites that have frequent posts and content optimization; plus, having a optimized website showcases writing samples and writing tips.

    Ultimately, following blog writing best practices, setting up writing patterns and consistent publishing schedules can be helpful in boosting blogs in search engine results.

    Additionally, incorporating writing tips or lessons learned from your publishing journey into blog posts helps attract readers and generates trust for visitors, which can lead to more followers and larger audiences for your writing endeavors. Put in the effort now with your blogging regimen and it will definitely pay dividends over time!

    This author blog content package can get you started.

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    Email Content

    Never underestimate the power of email newsletters! Regular email communication is essential for keeping your target readers engaged and top-of-mind. By sending out email content on a recurring basis, you can stay connected with your audience, build relationships and increase engagement.

    Through email newsletters, you can share content ideas, industry insights, tips and tricks – essentially anything to keep your target readers informed and interested. With email newsletters alone, you have the potential to reach a much larger audience in a timely manner since many people prefer email as their primary form of communication. What’s more? Email communication is also one of the most affordable yet efficient marketing tactics available!

    In this email content package, you’ll find a swipe file for all your email marketing needs.

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    Social Media Content

    Marketing content is one of the most important tools for any business or individual in today’s world.

    Having an eye-catching graphics that showcases your message in an interesting, creative way can be a great way to stand out from the crowd and attract more attention from potential readers.

    A well designed graphic allows you to show off your skills and professional demeanor while providing helpful tips and tricks that readers can use in their day-to-day social media activity.

    Whether it’s creating a promotional piece for your upcoming event, or simply providing followers with daily motivation and advice, the right social media graphics will help you stay ahead of the curve and create content that engages visitors on all levels.

    Take a look at these social media packages to help you build your own marketing content.

    Graphic Templates

    Just need some social media graphics to sell your book?? Take a look at these done-for-you content templates already formatted for your choice of social media.

    Each template package includes 75 customizable graphics that you can edit to your own branding and style. Each package has been specially designed to suit your needs. With each type of graphic, formatting & design elements included in the price – you’ll have everything needed for an eye catching social media marketing campaign!

    Facebook Post Graphics 940x788px

    Facebook Marketing Graphic Templates
    Click here to see what’s included…

    Facebook Ad Graphics 1200x628px

    Facebook Ad Marketing Graphic Templates
    Click here to see what’s included…

    “Stories” Graphics 1080x1920px

    Stories Marketing Graphic Templates
    Click here to see what’s included…

    Instagram Square Graphics 1080x1080px

    Instagram Square Marketing Graphic Templates
    Click here to see what’s included…

    Instagram Vertical Graphics 1080x1350px

    Instagram Vertical Marketing Graphic Templates
    Click here to see what’s included…

    Instagram Horizontal Graphics 1080x566px

    Instagram Horizontal Marketing Graphic Templates
    Click here to see what’s included…

    Twitter Graphics 1200x736px

    Twitter Marketing Graphic Templates
    Click here to see what’s included…

    Pinterest Graphics 600x900px

    Pinterest Marketing Graphic Templates
    Click here to see what’s included…

    Graphic Packages – Done-for-You!

    Looking for social media graphics already done-for-you and ready to post??

    Here’re done-for-you (DFY) Social Media Packages, formatted and ready to go, ready to post!

    100 Inspirational Quotes

    100 Instagram ready quotes! These done-for-you graphics (1080x1080px) are a time-saver to help you stay connected to your readers.

    Social Media Graphics - 100 Inspirational Quotes
    Click here to see what’s included!!

    101 Motivational Quotes

    101 Instagram ready quotes! These done-for-you graphics (1080x1080px) give you a jump start in staying contact with your readers.

    Social Media Graphics - 101 Motivational Quotes
    Click here to see what’s included!!

    100 Reader/Writer Quotes

    100 Facebook ready quotes! These done-for-you graphics (940x788px) help you connect with your readers on their level!

    100 Reader Writer Quotes Graphics
    Click here to see what’s included!!

    Book Cover Infographics

    Infographics are a fun content marketing tool used by many in their social media as well as in a blog post. Infographics that feature your book covers are even more useful. Check out how you can showcase your book covers today in a Book Cover Infographic!

    Multiple Book Covers Infographic

    Click here to see what’s included…

    Share your Author Booklist differently!

    Author Booklist Infographic Template

    Click here to see what’s included…

    Books by Author Infographic Template

    Click here to see what’s included…

    Book Order List Infographic Template

    Click here to see what’s included…

    As you embark on your writing journey and progress throughout your publishing journey, connecting with your readers is an essential part of your content marketing strategy to ensure success.

    With this connection comes the valuable insight that you need to understand the wants and needs of your audience in order to make more sales.

    In this content package, you’ll find questions to ask, topics to consider, templates to edit and use, as well as tips and tricks on staying connected with your readers.

    Conversation Starters

    Why not add some excitement to your content marketing strategy? Adding conversation starters can do just that! Not only will it make your content more interesting, but it can also help engage your audience and encourage them to interact with you. Dive deeper into why you need to add conversations starters to your content marketing strategy.

    Here’s a list of questions and statements that’ll spark a conversation. There are 7 sections with 25 questions in each.

    Conversation Starters Template Kit

    Click here to see what’s included…

    Check out the Conversations Starters Template Kit!

    This kit includes 175 done-for-you content templates covering seven different categories of conversation that all of us like to chat about!

    From books and reading to family and home, there’s something for everyone.

    Each template package is 25 editable graphics in 7 different categories. With 175 Instagram and 175 Facebook sized graphics, you’re sure to never run out of things to talk about.

    Follow the link on the graphic to see what’s included.