Take your content ideas to the next level and repurpose them into book cover infographics

Book Cover Infographics

If you’re looking to get your books noticed, it’s time for an upgrade!

Studies show that us humans visually process pictures 60 times faster than text. Your book cover is judged every time a reader sees it, so it’s the most important graphic in your content marketing.

We’ve seen the power of visuals in graphic designs on social media – now more than ever, we need high quality images in our content marketing. Because

A picture is worth a thousand words,” right?

As a content marketer marketing your books, you know you need new content ideas, but you don’t want to reinvent the wheel.

Using an infographic, defined as “a type of marketing content that sorts, arranges, and visually presents data” (source), gives you an innovative and visually appealing way to repurpose your content idea.

An infographic can be used to bring life back into your boring messages. Not only can you solve your reader’s problems, you can also showcase your book again and again keeping your book top-of-mind.

Your Book Cover Infographic can be used in many places – email, social media, blog, even your website – it’s a useful tool to have in your content marketing toolbox.

You’ll find Canva templates (affiliate link) to be customized and edited to your own branding and style. You don’t need a paid account to have these templates. However, if you’d like to make your infographic dynamic, then signing up is a good idea.

Book Number Infographic Template

Download this FREE infographic template that’ll show off your book covers in a “number” design.

Follow the link to get your own. This infographic uses Canva’s Free version account.

Book Cover Infographic Template - Number Pkg

Book Cover Infographic Templates

Book Cover Infographic Templates are templates from Canva. Each template solves a problem your reader’s have. Solving your reader’s problems should be a part of your content marketing strategy.

Book Order Infographic Templates

What order should I read your books? It’s a great question, and one your readers are asking.

The best way to give your readers a heads-up about your book order is through the Book Order Infographics. These Templates Bundles are done-for-you infographics already formatted for your favorite social media or added to your website and helps your readers in a fun and visual way.

With our templates, you can have a professionally made infographic about your book in no time! The graphics are already formatted and ready for social media or blogging. With over 50 different graphic designs in total – including one especially designed just for your blog – these bundles have it all covered!

Click through the links below to see how quickly publishing becomes easier when using these awesomely designed images.

Block Grid Style A

Book Order Infographic Templates Bundle Block Grid Style A

Block Grid Style B

Book Order Infographic Templates Bundle Block Grid Style B

Block Grid Style C

Book List Infographic Templates

When readers come to your website, the one thing that they’re looking for the most is your book list. Unfortunately, many authors don’t have it noticeable.

You can get your book list out to your readers and make it easy for them to know how their favorite series goes together. They’ll be able to read your books in the order, figure out which series goes with each book based on the style and formatting of each series (and who doesn’t love being told exactly where things belong!!), plus find some new favorites along the way.

In the new “book list” infographic, we’ve taken all the questions about reading order into consideration.

The Book Cover Infographics can be easily edited and customized to your own branding and style. And with this easy-to understand format, you can do-it-yourself.

Author Book List

Book Cover Infographics Templates Author Book List

Books by Author

Book Cover Infographic Templates Books by Author

Multiple Book Covers Infographics

Want to build trust with your readers?

Then let them know when you’ve redesigned your book cover.

Nothing is more annoying than buying the same book twice. And if you don’t let your readers know that you’ve updated and reissued your book cover, many will buy your “new” book unknowingly. While I know that this is a marketing tactic and is great for you, when you do this, your readers loose trust and faith in you.

You can change this by showing your readers your multiple book covers in a fun and functional infographic.

Each infographic can be customized to show the old and new book covers.

Multiple Book Covers

Book Cover Infographic Templates Multiple Book Covers

Reissued Editions

Story Details Infographics

Imagine that you’ve got a new book coming out, and you need to share your book details with old and new readers alike, and would like to do it in a fun and functional way??

This Book Details Infographic is a magnificent way to show the details of your book easily and quickly.

Each infographic can be customized to share the details of each of your books.

Character Profile Infographics

Want your readers to fall in love with your main character?

Then offer them a Character Profile Infographic. This infographic takes the details about your character and offers it in picture format. What better way to give your readers a “look” at their new book boyfriend. Your readers are going to love you because they love your characters.

Each infographic can be customized to show off your dazzling characters.

Main Character Profile

Help your readers fall in love with your hero or heroine with these done-for-you templates.

Book Cover Infographic Templates Main Character Profile

Leading Characters Profile

Make your readers love your hero and heroine with appealing, already done-for-you, graphic templates.

Book Cover Infographic Templates Leading Characters Profile

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