Be the brand that stands out!

Dear Author,

It’s time to dive into some specifics when it comes to content.

Today, let’s talk branding.  What it is?  How you do establish your own personal brand?


One of the reasons why I decided to become an online copywriter was because I was not impressed by how many romance authors had unimpressive websites.  I would go from one platform to another not knowing if I was following the right author or not.

Here are some

Tips for branding the right way

Whether you actually have a strategy or not, you are developing your personal brand.  And as an author, that is you.

How you are perceived by others is part of your personal brand.

The look and feel of your tweets and post, as well as the tone and voice used, can define your online presence.


First, what’s your personal brand?

Your personal brand is the face of what you put online.  Your pic, your color scheme, your font color and size, all the different pieces that show who you are and what you do.


One thing that I am trying to do, is to identify the actual content things that an author (or anybody really) needs to have on their site.  I am not wanting to tell you how many times you need to post or why you should post.  What I am wanting to share with you is what you should have on your site to be what modern marketing requires.


In many of the blogs that I have read, I have found that your brand should have certain things included to be successful.


Keywords are so important.  They help your readers find you.  Your name is your primary keyword, yes.  But what about the secondary keywords that are yours?

Google is smart enough to know what your keywords are, but if you make sure that your pages and posts have them entered into the meta data, then you can help Google to see you faster.

What are your keywords?

Your primary keyword is your name plus author.

Your secondary keywords are:

  • the names of your books (titles)
  • the names of the book series
  • the names of your characters
  • the places you have created
  • the names of the people that you created

You see, you are lucky.  Your keywords are yours.  You don’t have to fight over them with anybody.  They belong to you and only you.  Then when they are paired with your name, you are golden.



Your formatting is just as important as what you say, maybe even more so.

This includes:

  • colors of backgrounds
  • font style and size
  • media displayed
  • tone and voice

This means that you need to be consistent in everything that you do.

  • You have the same great pic of you on your site and on all other social media that you have.
  • Your fonts and style and pics are the same from one platform to another.  So there is no mistaking who you are and what you do.
  • You present “you” in all your posts.  You don’t try to be someone you’re not.

Whatever your choice is, it should be presented in every post and tweet that you send out.

So when someone sees what you have put out there, they will know that you have spoken.



Your analytics are something that you can use to your advantage.  Find out what your readers like and do more of that.

Send posts when they like to get them.

Send what they want to read.

Don’t send what you want to send, send what they want.  You have much more loyal readers if you do.


Now I could go into detail about what you need to send out and when to post or tweet.  Or what you say?  But I won’t.  I will ask you though:


What are you going to do to stand out among the other 1000s of romance authors that are out there?

How are you going to be different?


Be the author that actually has your brand consistent.


Let me know if I can help!!

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