5 Tricks to Improving your Blog

Dear Author,

Do you write a blog?

If you do, do you get engagement with your blog?  Do your readers share your blog?  or comment back to you?

Blogging is hard work.  You have to come up with your purpose behind your blogging, create a strategy, and then stick with it to make your blog stand out.  Here are:

5 tricks to improving your blog so your readers will want to sign up

This comes from The Content Marketing Institute.  They are one of the top gurus in the content marketing world.

I’ll show you an article called 5 Hacks to Improve your Blog and Get more Traffic.  And then I will had my spin on it.


There is no one thing that will make your content go viral.  Here’s an interesting article about going viral.  But it does take consistent, hard work to bring traffic to your blog.

Here are some tips to improve your blog posts:

Tip 1:  Take the time to craft your headlines

They said:

Spend more time writing headlines

You must understand the readers.  If they don’t consider your headline worthy, they will never read your article.  Remember that your headline almost always will be visible with many others.  You want it to stand out.

When writing a headline, think about incorporating these types of words:

  • numbers
  • strong adjectives (simple, fun, incredible, surprising, strange, awesome)
  • smart rationale (reasons, facts, hacks, lessons, ways, tactics)
  • instructional (when, how, why, what)
  • beneficial (what readers will take away or why they should read)


What you can do:

Think about your reader.  What do they want to know that you could tell them in a blog post?

When you cater to your readers wants, they are more likely to read the things that you send out.  And if they like what they have read, they will share it.


Consider this:

Number + adjective + keyword + beneficial  =  3 new stories that will tug at your heart strings

Number + adjective + beneficial  =  5 exciting characteristics you may not know about (main characters in ___ series)

Instructional + keyword + beneficial  =  how to get the most from (book series name)


Tip 2: Emulate what is already working

They said:

Build on top of proven ideas

Your primary task is to find content that already generated a lot of traffic and shares.  Then you can build on top of it – create content on the same topic, but make it even better, bring it to a new level.

Here are some options that you can consider:

  • go deeper than the original author.
  • create a visually oriented post.
  • expand on what’s poorly covered.
  • sustain your information with facts, statistics, and links.


What you can do:

Find another romance author that is getting lots of shares, likes and traffic.  Then emulate what they are doing.

Obviously you don’t copy, but if she blogged about her newest release, you blog about your newest release.

And then take the idea that she came up with and go deeper, create a visual to go with it, or give even more additional info to make your blog that much better.


Tip 3:  Give your readers something useful

They said:

Make sure your content has practical utility

The time has come to ask yourself another simple but important question:  What are the benefits from reading my post?

People share content to lift or sustain their authority in the eyes of their audiences.  While they are not the authors, they are the ones who found and gave it away.

A Hubspot study reported that the most shared types of content were:

  • how-to articles
  • lists
  • why posts
  • what posts

These types of content educate people, answer their questions, and give them explanations and helpful lists.  They all have practical utility.


What you can do:

I know that you have extra research sitting on your desk that is about your characters and your books.

If you gave some of that extra content to your readers, they will share it.  And they will share it again and again, especially if it makes them look awesome to other readers.

What other content would be useful:

  • how to develop a character
  • how to write a love scene
  • how to build a secondary character
  • lists of the characters and how they connect with your other stories
  • lists of families, and the family tree
  • why you write romance stories
  • why you write paranormal instead of historical, or classic instead of regency
  • what is the difference in the two main characters in two particular books


Tip 4:  Make sure your readers can share

They said:

Add more ways to share

Put yourself in the reader’s place.  You found an insightful post that you think your Facebook friends would like.  What do you do?  Click on the Facebook share button on the blog post.  But if there is no such button, do you take the extra steps to copy the link, write something, and paste it into your feed?  Probably not.

Ensure that you provide relevant social-share buttons for your posts.  But that’s not the only way that people share.  Add some more options:

  • make your images shareable
  • add tweetable quotes and sound bites


What you can do:

When your story has touched your reader, your reader is going to go to your site and want to know more.  But if your site doesn’t offer anything new, then your reader goes away.

But if you give them things to interact with and to share, they will share that extra.  And your name and your book will “go out” even more.

Use the “All in One SEO Pack” plugin (this is for WordPress sites) to make sure that your share buttons are included and working.

Or use the “Floating Social Media Icon” plugin.

Use the “Tweet to Click” plugin to send out a tweet automatically.  Like this:


Tip 5:  Don’t forget to ask your readers

They said:

Want to share?  Ask for it.

It’s surprising that many people don’t use such simple and obvious opportunity.  Calls to action really work.

Don’t hesitate to ask your readers to share your post with their friends, and some of them will.  Give them even the most ridiculous reason to do it and even more of the will share.


What you can do:

At the end of every post, you need to ask your readers to do something.  This is called a call to action.

It could be as simple as signing up for your newsletter or as complicated as answering a survey question.  That is up to you.



At the end of the day, you want your readers to remember you.

So if you take these 5 tricks and add them to your blog, you will be one step closer to making sure that will happen.


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