4 Steps to Creating Content that Touches your Readers

Dear Author,

Do you know what content hits the spot in your reader?  Do you have readers return again and again to read the new content that you have written?  If not, then you need to change that.

Thinking like a content marketer will help you to think about the content that your readers want to see on your site and in your emails.

Here is a…

… 4-step approach to creating content that touches your readers

While there may no single way to figure out what content is effective, you can realize that there is two types of content that needs to be written for your audience.

And with that you can write to each to maximize the number of readers that will buy from you.


Recognize that you will have two types of readers that will want different things

Effectively, you have 2 audiences that you have to write for.

First, the readers that have already bought from you.  These are your buyers, your customers that you have already won over.  You don’t have to convince them to buy.  You just have to convince them to buy again.

Second, are the readers that haven’t bought yet.  These are your potential buyers, your prospects that found your book at the library and are checking you out.  You now need to convince them to buy.


These two conversations are a bit different.  They want different things, so your perspective has to be a bit different.

Your buyers love you already.  All you need to do is send an email letting them know your current book in online, or at the store.  There is a high chance that once they have bought, they will again.

Whereas, your prospects need to be “courted” still.  You court them by having good things on your site for them to read and interact with.


Take a look at patterns

Take a look at your analytics and figure out what is working and what isn’t.  Which posts, tweets, or blogs were shared the most.  Which were shared the least.

Then do more of what worked.  Fix what is not working.

Here is a tip from Neil Patel is excellent:

[su_quote url=”https://www.quicksprout.com/2015/11/09/triple-your-email-optin-rate-by-using-this-6-step-lead-magnet-creation-process/”]…decide which category each of your tops posts belong to. I’d look at your top 10-30 posts, depending on the number of posts you have all together. You’ll notice that one or two categories get way more views on average than all the rest. If you simply focus more attention on those categories, not only will you grow your email list but you’ll also grow your overall site traffic.[/su_quote]

Content that your readers never see isn’t effective when they don’t know about it.


Think beyond your story

Think beyond your books.  What else would your readers like to know?

Your readers have fallen in love with your characters.  That is why they have come to your site.  They want more of your characters.

Give your readers extra research that you have done in order to create your characters.

  • characters descriptions
  • the places they go
  • timelines of events
  • family trees of your characters

Give your readers more about you.

  • how did you come up with XX book idea?
  • what is your writing process like?
  • how do you manage being a bestselling author and a parent?
  • what does your writing area look?


Decide on your format

So now you what your readers want to hear.  Next is to decide how you will give it to them.  On which platform and with what type of content?

  1.  List all the formats you could create.
    1. blog post (images or no images)
    2. podcast
    3. infographic
    4. video
    5. webinar
  2.  Which format can you feasibly do?
  3.  Identify which format your reader will consume your content.
  4.  Don’t forget to add analytics to your format, so you can keep track of what works and what doesn’t.



This may be a simplified process, but it will help you to see that you need to add more content on your site to make your site just as amazing as your books.


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