37 Blog Ideas to Engage Your Readers

Dear Author,

Writing a weekly blog is not easy to do.  I can’t even imagine what it would take to do one daily!!!

And I know that it isn’t easy coming up with blog ideas.  So in this post, I am going to share with you a bunch of post ideas.  Some from other authors, some from the marketing world.  And some from me.

Here are ….

37 blog ideas to keep your readers coming back

Please note that there are not many authors that differentiate between a blog post and a regular newsletter.  They seem to be the same thing for many.

So my list could be used for either your regular newsletter or the blog post that you need to write.  While some should be in a newsletter and some ideas should only be in a blog, please decide that yourself.

Ideas from other authors

I am on the list for several dozen email newsletters of authors that I enjoy following.  Here are the types of newsletters/blogs that they send out to me.  This list is in no particular order.

  • News about your new book, with links to preorder
  • An offer of a free book
  • Giveaways for only readers
  • Updates on their website
  • A new cover reveal
  • An author chat that readers can chat with them on
  • Affiliate links to other products
  • Things that the author likes to do
  • Events happening in the author’s life
  • Features another author and their new book
  • What else the author is doing on other social media platforms
  • Post where they are asking their readers their opinions
  • Up-n-coming events that they author is participating in
  • Excerpts for an upcoming book
  • Notices about a virtual book tour
  • Explanations of why they do what they do, their journey
  • News about the latest conference they’ve been to
  • Announcements of awards they’ve received
  • Deals from other authors
  • Favorite recipes and stories
  • Deleted scenes from their book
  • Tips on being an author


As a reader, I would love to hear about:

  • more details about your characters, personality profile
  • how your characters are connected from book to book
  • details about the communities in each series
  • actual pictures of characters
  • background info about your characters
  • maps of your communities
  • what is your underlying theme of the story
  • how did the story come about
  • what details are from real life and what aren’t
  • any personal details that you would like to share
  • testimonials from other readers
  • what other causes and communities are you involved in
  • what motivates you to keep writing
  • what are your favorite authors and why
  • what future plans do you have for your books



Since I have become a copywriter and have been learning marketing strategies, I have come to realize that many authors do not use strategies in their emails or online.

I wonder, if they used modern marketing strategies, would their books sell better?

Strategies like:

  • Email Marketing.  This plan would include knowing which email to send out at what time.  While using email copy ideas to convince readers to buy your books.
  • Content Marketing.  This plan would be about what content to add to your site and where.  How it is put onto your site.  Formatting of the content, making sure to use SEO strategies to be seen really well in the search engines.
  • SEO.  Making sure everything on your site would be optimized so when a reader was looking for your type of book, your site would be the one that comes up.
  • Analytics.  Making a point to know who is coming to your site and what they are looking for.  And finding out what is working and what is not.  Then adjusting accordingly.

It is definitely something to think about.

Not only can these ideas be taken and used in blogs and newsletters, you can also make some of these ideas and create actual pages on your site that don’t change.


Wherever you choose to use them, I know if you add more content to your site more readers will enjoy hearing from you.  And you just might find that more readers link up to you and start to follow you.

I can certainly help you to write any of this content.  Contact with me here.


Your friend in romance,