Using the power of email

Dear Author,

Today I would like to talk about email marketing.

I think this is one of the few things that is not understood, or not used like it should be.

Some even call it old fashioned.  Some call it dead.

But the numbers will tell you that email still works.  But you need to be using it the right way.  You need to have a strategy for what you are trying to accomplish.


So what is email marketing?


Email marketing is essentially developing a plan, a strategy of taking care of your list of emails that you have growing on your site.

But what is the point of having this list?

Your list of email subscribers are a dedicated group of people that love you.  You don’t have to sell them on who you are or what your books are about.  They already love you.  That is why they have given you their email address.

But you have to take care of them.  You can’t just get their email and then do nothing.

You have to keep their attention by sending out timely emails that have a purpose to what you are up to and what updates of your books that you have.

It is very important to stay connected once you have that email.


Because you have already earned their trust.  Now you just need to keep that trust.


Let’s try to understand a few details about email and why it’s so important.

There is a great podcast from Copyblogger all about Email Marketing; The Misunderstood Powerhouse.

This is what they will you about email.

  • You can’t buy your readers attention, you have to earn it.
  • Email is the medium for online business.  It is how online businesses stay in touch.
  • Make sure that your pages are responsive.
  • Your content must be relevant to your reader.  Share what they want to hear, not what you want to share.
  • You need to do something to stand out.  Your readers are bombarded with emails.  Why is yours different?
  • You need to provide value in each email.  Something that they will want to share.
  • Provide entertainment, something educational, something interesting (like connected to your stories)
  • Don’t panic if they unsubscribe.  That’s normal.
  • Keep track of your list.  Get to know them.  Find out things about them as well.  Great way to develop loyalty.
  • Always have some sort of call to action at the end of each email. If you have it different each time, that will help with being boring.
  • Track your analytics.  Knowing who comes and goes can help in developing your strategy.




Some more things that I would add would be:

  • Take note of your headlines.  Are they appealing to your readers?
  • Why are you emailing in the first place?
  • Make sure you take your brand look and feel from your site to your emails.
  • Be consistent.  If you tell your readers that you will email once a month, stick to it.  If it is once a week, stick with that.  Be consistent by deciding on a strategy.  Take a look at my list of emails to use.

This is where I can help.  Let’s chat.

<3 S

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