The Anatomy of the Perfect Email

Dear Author,

Let’s talk about email.  Email is the largest commodity that you need to be growing.  You have an email list, right??  What are you doing with that list?

I am, as a reader, signed up on dozens of author’s email lists.  And there is only a few that are really doing something with their list.

I have this infographic from Hubspot.  They are a leading influencer in online marketing.  This blog post, A Simple Guide to Email Outread (Infographic), they share the anatomy of an email.

Okay, I know that you are not a business like this.  But you are a business.  And you need to be updating your email.


Let me adapt this for you.

When you read about the prospects, customers, parties or clients, that is your reader.  You are the brand, business, company.

The Perfect Email.

  1.   Your headline grabs their attention and convinces them to open your email.
  2.   The email is addressed to your reader, by name.
  3.   Provide content that is valuable to your reader.
  4.   Provide content that is going to engage your reader.
  5.   Add links to places that are relevant to your content.
  6.   Add a Call To Action that makes the reader do something.
  7.   End your email with who you are and all of your social media connections.
  8.   Make sure your email has the unsubscribe option available somewhere on your email.


This infographic will help you to understand that there is more to email marketing than just sending the email out.  You need to have a strategy in place.

This strategy should answer:

  • define the goal of your email marketing
  • who your target audience is.
  • test your emails.
  • when should be sending out your emails.
  • what subjects lines work better.
  • what copywriting techniques will you be using


Your email should not be difficult to do.  This is where I can help you.  Please contact me here.