Blog Page Content: 4 Essentials to Remember

Most everyone needs a blog to be successful online and with their websites.  And while it is important to have a plan for what to blog about,  have you noticed what content that is essential for every page despite the subject or industry?

Every blog page needs to have several essential content pieces to make it successful with your readers.

There are 4 things that are essential to your blog being successful:  Search function, social sharing button, comment ability, and topical keywords.

a magifying glass to show that we are searching for content that you are adding to your blog posts

The first thing you need is the ability for your readers to search your posts to find other posts that you have shared with them.

Having this feature allows you to entice your readers with more of what you have to say!!


social media icons to help readers share your content from your blog page to their favorite platform

Making sure your readers have the ability to share your posts that you work so hard to write only makes sense.

Why wouldn’t you?

Having social sharing buttons on every blog post will enable your readers to share with other readers.

speech bubble to show that your readers want to leave comments on your blog post page

I guarantee your readers have something to say.

Don’t freeze them out by not giving them a place to comment on your blog posts.  They will thank you for it.

A comment feature doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult.

If your readers feel like they’ve been heard, they will return the favor and share your book with other readers.

word cloud for keyword content for blog posts

If you’ve done your SEO right, then you have a list of keywords that your blog posts are about.

Having this somewhere to be seen will help your readers to check out what other topics you have been talking about.

It’s also a fun thing to look at.


So there you have it.

4 things that your blog post page needs in order to be able to help your readers; search abilities, sharing buttons, commenting and keywords will help you to help your readers!!


5 ways to create great content that Google will rank

Dear Author,

You can’t expect Google to just take your content and automatically send it to all the best places that you want it to go.  You have to help it.

You have to do what you can to “sell” your own content for Google to rank your site.  You have to give your readers what they want and more.


Neil Patel is an online marketing influencer.  He wrote an article called No More Tricks: 5 Ways to Create Content That Google Wants to Rank.  It’s an interesting article that explains that anybody wanting to be ranked in Google has to do certain things in order to actually be ranked.  This is what he said:

  1. Bigger is often better.
    1. add more items
    2. add more detail
  2. Help readers navigate the waters.
    1. make it clearer
    2. fill in any holes
    3. correct any mistakes
  3. Ipod or Zune – which would you choose?
    1. include images
    2. create a custom layout
    3. use lists whenever possible
    4. structure for maximum readability
  4. Give them something they can believe in.
    1. interview or cite experts
    2. support every claim with data
  5. Give readers control in complex situations
    1. offer content in multiple formats
    2. include a table of contents
    3. let users filter out options


Apply this to your author site by:

  • Bigger is often better.
    • Google wants more content.  Google will actually rank your site better if you have more content on your site.
    • you have lots of research at your fingertips about the books that you have written.  Use that.  I know that your readers want to hear more about each book/character that you have written.


  • Help readers navigate the waters.
    • your navigation needs to be easily seen and understand.  Show your readers where to go and what to look for.
    • don’t assume that your readers will understand something.  Your stories are your babies, and while you have loyal followers, they don’t know everything that has gone into creating your stories.  Share this with your readers.


  • Ipod or Zune – which would you choose?
    • what he means by this one is that, make your content pretty.  It needs to look good.  An site that is not pretty, noone goes to, at least not for long, even if they like your books.
    • use more images than your books.  Find pics of people that look like your characters or like the places that you describe.
    • the layout of your content should be easy to understand.
    • add lists if applicable.  Lists are easy to read and scannable.  This post is easy to read because the sentences are short and I have it in list form.
    • if your site is structured well, it will be easy to move through


  • Give them something that they can believe in
    • add positive reviews on your site.  This helps other readers to see that you are being read and liked.
    • you could even share milestones like 500 readers, or sold 500 copies of your book in a weekend.  This tells others that you are a credible author.


  • Give readers control in complex situations.
    • give your readers more than just your books.  Offer some research, or a family tree of a particular series in a pdf format.
    • give your readers book lists that really shows how your stories are connected.
    • don’t make this complicated for you.  Get help to write your pages if you need to.


Like Neil said, “creating great content isn’t easy, but that’s the only way you will be able to achieve and sustain #1 rankings.”  Google will rank you when you have content worth reading.

So get writing:)


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Google Doesn’t Care…

Google Doesn’t Care …. if you are a writer, an author, a bookseller, an agent, a store, or a random blogger.

Google doesn’t care what you are as long as you follow the algorithms that it has placed.  This is SEO – Search Engine Optimization.  Everything we put into search has to be optimized for your best use.

But did you know that you can help your site to be placed better in the search engines?

You can update your author site with quality content, the speed your page loads, how active you are on social media, mobile friendliness, and don’t forget keywords.

Please note this is not everything you need to know for SEO Optimization, this is just to get you started.


You need to think about:

Quality Content:  You need content that is original, engaging, interesting and helps your reader.  Your readers come to your site to know more about you and your stories.  Just having links to Amazon is not enough anymore.

  • The Content Marketing Institute is one the go-to sites about content.  They help you to understand that you have to update your content.  Take a look at this article about the 11 ways to dominate the social scene with killer content.  You can adapt these ideas to your author site.
  • Longer content is becoming the better way to go according to


Formatting:  Behind the scenes is just as important as what you see on the screen.

  • Page Speed:  You have lots of pictures of your books, but did you know that those very pictures could be slowing the loading of your page when readers come to check you out.  Google is watching and takes note of whether or not your site loads quickly for your interested customers.
  • Mobile Friendly:  There are so many more people using their cell phones to reach the internet, that you have to think about whether your site can adjust to the different screens.
  • Descriptive Meta Description:  You cannot forget this part.
  • Title Tags and Alt Image Tags


Social Media:  You have to come up with a strategy that works for you.  Give me a call and I can help you come up with a strategy that works for you.


Keywords:  Keywords are important to remember according to the leading expert Heather Lloyd-Martin (  While we shouldn’t stuff our sites with keywords, we need to remember them when you are writing on your sites, your blogs, your interactions.

Another thing I found was that, Google would like you to do everything Google.  Signing up for Google+ and having an active, engaging account helps you in the search engines according

So if you update your content, remember your formatting, spend time on social media, oh and don’t forget your keywords, then you will be one step ahead of the rest.

I know this is a lot to think about.  Some authors really understand this, while some do not.  It’s okay.  This is why I am here.  Fill out the form below and I would love to help you get started on updating your site.



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