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Many of you Romance Authors won't have the time or the inclination to make the content that you need for your site yourself.

And that's okay!

Let me do it for you!!

Take a look at this list of content that you can help me create:

Graphics Content

Graphics are an easy fix for your site!!

You already create the content that can be added to the graphics and I know you have pictures in your mind about your story.  So let's take that thought and put it into a wonderful picture that you can share on your site as well as your social media.

Video Content

Having a video for your book is the best way to interact with your readers.

And it doesn't need to be really expensive to make.  It can actually be quite easy.

Freebie Content

If you don't have a freebie to offer your readers you should.

Email Content

Having an email autoresponder attached to the freebie that you have will help readers to get to know you and to love you all the more.

Take the time to have a Content Audit today!

Don't know how your current site is doing??

Take the time to have your site checked for broken links, copywriting, SEO and speed long before you have any new content created.  That way you will know what you need to fix and what you don't need to fix.

Want some help to make the content? Click this button to get our Done-For-You Services

Ready to get started???!!!

Shoot me an email to begin the process:  romancecopywriter@gmail.com.

Want some help to make the content? Click this button to get our Done-For-You Services

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