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What could better content do for you?

It could convert a casual reader into a frequent buyer.  Or it could take a “some time” reader and make them into a loyal follower.

Check out the following content ideas that could be added to your site.arrow pointing to the content ideas below.

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Your characters say amazing thing!!  You say amazing things.  Why not make it into a fun graphic to be shared with your readers. 

Check out how graphics can be an instant and easy help to your website.


A video is a great way to share more about your book.  When done the right way, you can convince your readers to buy. 

Give your readers a sneak peak of your amazing story by using this marketing secret weapon.


Do you offer some sort of freebie in exchange for your readers’ email?  If not, you are missing out on a great opportunity. 

Let’s give your readers more of you and your book.


You cannot forget email.  Email is the easiest way to stay connected with your readers. 

Do you have an email autoresponder series set up for them to receive that freebie that you had made?  If not, it’s time to make your email work for you.

Don't just add your content

Just adding content isn’t enough.  That content needs to be formatted and optimized to appeal to your readers.  

Here, you will find different resources that will help your site be all that it can be.

Free Resources

There are many different aspects to adding content to your website that you need to think about.  

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Website Audit

Do you know how your site is currently doing?  Get your website checked for broken links, copywriting, keywords, optimization plus so much more!

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